GrindcraftGrindcraftTry to collect all kinds of resources. The more tools you manage to craft, the more resources you will be able to mine in this Minecraft inspired game...6Match CraftMatch CraftMake match 3 combinations with the minecraft voxels. You can connect them horizontally, vertically, and diagonally! Try to reach the required amount o...8Madness Scene CreatorMadness Scene CreatorAre you a fan of Madness? Create your own crime screne with all the different elements and make a screenshot to share with your friends!8.1Minecraft CloneMinecraft ClonePlay this Minecraft Clone and discover the fantastic open world of Minecraft. Mine Clone has a vast landscape with many myesteries. Mine Craft is a fu...8Minecraft Tower Defence 2Minecraft Tower Defence 2In Minecraft Tower Defence a villain has ruined the town. Now the brave Steve must cross the sea to build a new town. Dig a path, place mines, attack ...8Drawthis.ioDrawthis.ioDraw pictures and guess words in the fun multiplayer .io game!6Draw Your Own Cartoon CharacterDraw Your Own Cartoon CharacterCreate your own cartoon character.8Minecraft Creeper DiamondMinecraft Creeper DiamondCan you make it through the level with the Minecraft Creeper? Try to avoid the lava blocks. Jump to the safe blocks but watch out, because the ice and...4LazerDrive.ioLazerDrive.ioRace through the room as a pip in the fun skill-based multiplayer game You will leave a line as your trail. Try to eat other pips, but ...6Gold Mine StrikeGold Mine StrikeThrow your pickaxe at the combinations of two or more of the same blocks. Can you break them before the rows reach your mine cart? Try to collect as m...6


This Minecraft application is called Skincraft. With this tool you can create your own textures for Minecraft. It's a great tool! If you play Minecraft of course.

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