Easter Connect Easter Connect These painted eggs need to be paired up with a matching one. But they do not have to be next to eachother. You can connect them by clicking on one ... 4.5 Minecraft Avoider Minecraft Avoider Dodge the Minecraft Creepers with your character. Move through the field and try to stay away from the Creepers. They will come after you, so keep ... 4.1 Crash! Boom! Bank! Crash! Boom! Bank! Sometimes explosion is the best way to open a bank. You are a thief in Crash! Boom! Bank! game and you must try to open the bank by exploding. So t... 4.5 Cuboy Quest Cuboy Quest Get ready to play a super puzzle platform game with Cuboy Quest! Your mission in this game is to shoot the targets and unlock the exit door to get ... 4.5 Sonic on Clouds Sonic on Clouds In this very funny game, all you need to do is to jump as fast as you can and grab all the coins before the clouds disappear. You need to collect m... 4.3 Sonic Smash Brothers Sonic Smash Brothers Enjoy a thrilling Sonic platform game in which you will find the return of classic characters from the series. Run, jump, collect coins and destroy... 4.2 Sonic RPG 9 Sonic RPG 9 Help Sonic to defeat his opponents in a battle for life or death. Fight with all your might, perform powerful attacks against your enemies and show... 5 Velocity Wings Velocity Wings Even Sonic has been hit by the Flappy Bird hype. This game is a mix of Sonic the Hedgehog and Flappy Bird. The result is a fast paced 1 button game... 1 The Rabbit Fell in Love with the Wolf The Rabbit Fell in Love with the Wolf You wont expect it much, but the wolf and the rabbit are madly in love! The instinct of the wolf makes him want to eat the rabbit though! Thats n... 4.8 Obama Van Helsing Obama Van Helsing Dracula has captured Frankenstein to build army of fearsome vampires. Van Helsing is on vacation and Obama will have to do the work for now. Help O... 4.6 Inner Vision Inner Vision This is an interactive fiction game about a sensitive topic. You have been warned. Your goal is to convince people to keep living. 1 Sonic Sky Impact Sonic Sky Impact Sonic is under attack by Dr. Robotnik! Jump right in the aircraft of Sonic and gun down these flying robots! Play this game and unlock new weapons ... 4.7 Tricky Rick Tricky Rick Help Rick collect all his stolen fuel so he can refuel his spaceship and fly away from this planet! Use hammer, bombs, jetpacks and other stuff to ... 4.6 Sonic Racing Zone Sonic Racing Zone The world famous racing hedgehog is back on the road! Sonic is ready to start! Select a character and race to the finish while grabbing many coins. 4.5 Flightless Flightless In this platform game you cannot fly.. you cant even jump.. but you can spawn ladders to reach places and take out enemies. Be smart, and place la... 1

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Sonic Character Creator

Sonic Character Creator

4.6 2.051


Design your own Sonic character.


Play this game with your mouse.

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