Melk Melk Drive through town with your milk truck to deliver the milk. Can you deliver the milk to as many pickup points as possible before your time runs ou... 3.9 Hacker's Escape Hacker's Escape Youre locked up in a room with a broken computer. Look around and search for items that can come in useful. Can you load the printer and hook the ... 4.1 Sonic on Clouds Sonic on Clouds In this very funny game, all you need to do is to jump as fast as you can and grab all the coins before the clouds disappear. You need to collect m... 4.2 Sonic Smash Brothers Sonic Smash Brothers Enjoy a thrilling Sonic platform game in which you will find the return of classic characters from the series. Run, jump, collect coins and destroy... 4.1 Sonic RPG 9 Sonic RPG 9 Help Sonic to defeat his opponents in a battle for life or death. Fight with all your might, perform powerful attacks against your enemies and show... 4.5 Velocity Wings Velocity Wings Even Sonic has been hit by the Flappy Bird hype. This game is a mix of Sonic the Hedgehog and Flappy Bird. The result is a fast paced 1 button game... 4.2 Mimou Escape 2 Mimou Escape 2 The cat is again locked inside the wachingmachine. Help him escape before he gets wet! Can you help him? 4.4 Tetronimo Laboratory Tetronimo Laboratory Use Tetris to escape from this laboratory! Its a platform game with Tetris elements. Play Tetris like you have never done before. 4.1 Famaze Famaze The Mad King has turned all creatures into monsters and rutabagas. He wants to use the rutabagas for his pudding recipe. Now you must delve into hi... 1 The Rabbit Fell in Love with the Wolf The Rabbit Fell in Love with the Wolf You wont expect it much, but the wolf and the rabbit are madly in love! The instinct of the wolf makes him want to eat the rabbit though! Thats n... 4.2 Feudalism 3 Feudalism 3 Feudalism 3 is here! Five factions are fighting in a bloody war. Only one can win. Which will it be? Which faction will you join in Feudalism 3 to ... 4.7 Soom Soom The end is just the beginning. Bend reality by folding your environment. Try to avoid enemies in the various challenging levels and collect pieces... 1 Timeline Runner Timeline Runner Run and jump through time and watch your head! If anything hits your head, you fail and the game is over. Can you make it to the end? 4.2 Sonic Sky Impact Sonic Sky Impact Sonic is under attack by Dr. Robotnik! Jump right in the aircraft of Sonic and gun down these flying robots! Play this game and unlock new weapons ... 4.3 Sonic Racing Zone Sonic Racing Zone The world famous racing hedgehog is back on the road! Sonic is ready to start! Select a character and race to the finish while grabbing many coins. 4.3

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Sonic Character Creator

Sonic Character Creator

4.5 2.059


Design your own Sonic character.


Play this game with your mouse.

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