Reach The Core Reach The Core Can you collect as many precious materials as possible with your drill? Try to get to the core of the planet to collect the plasma. To get there, y... 4.6 Astrodigger Astrodigger Life as an astronaut isnt easy, and it sure aint when you have to mine on a strange distant planet. Explore the alien soil in search of precious m... 4.9 Sir Coins a Lot 2 Sir Coins a Lot 2 Run through the maze with the knight Sir Coinsalot. Can you collect all the coins in the maze? Watch out for the colourful ghosts! Grab the swords ... 5.1 Fire Truck Fire Truck Can you move the firetruck out of the crowded parking lot? Move the cars and trucks around to clear a path for the firetruck to reach the exit. Can... 4.2 Sir Coins A Lot Sir Coins A Lot Help the knight run through the maze and collect the coins. Watch out for the four ghosts in this fun Pacman game. If you bump into a ghost it will... 4.2 Airbender Airbender In Airbender you will use the powers of mother nature to eliminate all the little monsters. Control wind, fire, lighting and meteorites. But watch ... 4.4 Totems Awakening 2 Totems Awakening 2 Throw coconuts to the totems. Use all the men in the game and get rid of obstacles. Sometimes you have to trigger a mechanism to finish the level. 4.6 Crush The Castle 2 Players Pack Crush The Castle 2 Players Pack The kingdom of King Blutias is infected by a strange virus. The King of your kingdom is affraid this plague will spread out. He has sent you to des... 4.5 Artillery Toys Artillery Toys Do your parents say dont do this often? Well. Youll do it anyway! Kick your toys around the room and destroy the buildings in Angry Birds style... 4.6 Dangerous Dan Dangerous Dan In Dangerous Dan you will swim down the bottom of the deep ocean to collect lost treasures. But be careful for dangerous flesh eating fish, mines a... 1 Teenas Family Hut Teenas Family Hut Manage your own family park in this fun company run game. Families return to your park each year, so keep them happy! Keep the housing clean and pr... 4.7 Tony Maze Escape Tony Maze Escape Tony is trapped inside a dangerous maze with traps and riddles. Help Tony escape by solving the maze before its too late! 4.2 Pacman Highscores Pacman Highscores Pacman is back and this time you play it for highscores! Beat the score and become the best pacman player of the world! The worldfamous yellow pacm... 4.9 Super Fireman Super Fireman Many fires have started recently, is this the work of Pyro Guy? Who knows. But what you do know is that you have to act fast and fight the flames. ... 4.2 Pac Xon Deluxe Pac Xon Deluxe Pac Xon Deluxe is a combination of Pacman and Chomp games. The ghosts must not touch you, just like the original Pacman. Though, in Pac Xon you mus... 4.8

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Sonny Pacman

Sonny Pacman

4.4 45


Try to get through all levels in this version of pacman!


Play this game with the arrow keys.

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