Flappy Color Switch Flappy Color Switch Hover through the level with the coloured ball. A wall of different coloured segments will appear. You can only pass through the segment that match... 3.9 World's Hardest Game 4 World's Hardest Game 4 Collect all the golden coins and avoid the blue pips while you try to make your way through this complicated maze game. Can you find all the keys a... 3.8 Ninja Boy Ninja Boy Help ninja boy fly through the level and defeat all the monsters. Can you jump over the gaps in the ground and collect all the coins. Smash through... 4.1 Delicious Emily's Taste of Fame Delicious Emily's Taste of Fame Emily is back for a new restaurant adventure. Can you help her successfully run a number of new restaurants? If she does well, Emily might even end... 4.1 Spaceship Parking Frenzy Spaceship Parking Frenzy Did you ever wonder about parking a spaceship? Now there is a chance to learn. Improve your driving skills and see how good you are driving differe... 4.2 Bristlies 2 Bristlies 2 These little cute creatures called bristlies, want to go way back to their boxes. Lets help them! Your mission in this physics-based puzzle game i... 1 Underwater Friends Underwater Friends A group of friends were having a party at the beach. They were making a lot of garbage and trowing it into the sea. A big whale got real angry abou... 4.2 Happy Mart Happy Mart Are you ready to build your own supermarket in this awesome Happy Mart game? Lets start this game and show us some of your management skills. Buil... 3.8 Wood Cutters Havoc Wood Cutters Havoc Go to the trees and cut them down! But watch out for all the wild animals. If you run them over it will cost you points. Earn enough cash to beat e... 4.1 El Papel El Papel Meet El Papel! This Mexican fellow has no trouble eating burritos. Stretch his neck to solve 40 puzzles. You must help him to get the precious toi... 1 Rapunzel Rotten Teeth Rapunzel Rotten Teeth Rapunzel been eating lots of candy and it hurt her teeth. She did not clean her teeth very well and now she must go to the dentist for a mouth trea... 4.3 Dark Deception Dark Deception You are locked inside the monkey hotel. You must collect soul fragments before the evil monkeys catch you. This game is something like a scary pacm... 4.1 Birdy Fruit Birdy Fruit Help this bird fly and collect delicious pieces of fruit. Do not stop flapping mor you will end up dead. Its a bit like Flappy Bird. 1 Frenzy Airport Frenzy Airport Play as ground stewardess in this fun Frenzy Airport game. Accompany people to the airplane and make sure they have a good flight. 4.3 Samira Sew Shop Samira Sew Shop Welcome to Samiras sew shop! The place to repair your old and weathered clothes. This young lady is ready to make your clothes look like brand new... 4.1

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Sonny Pacman

Sonny Pacman

9 45


Try to get through all levels in this version of pacman!


Play this game with the arrow keys.

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