Full Immersion Full Immersion Descend deep into the ocean to find the hidden treasures. Grab as many stars as you can on your way down. Try to avoid all the mines. Occasionally,... 4.2 Circle Run Circle Run 4.2 Crossy Temple Crossy Temple How far kan you make it through the dangerous temple with your Indiana Jones character? You will have to cross all kinds of dangerous obstacles, bu... 4.3 Back To Candyland Back To Candyland Pop the candy. Tap the combinations of three or more pieces of candy and pop them to play them away. The different levels have different objectives... 4.2 Ninja Miner 2 Ninja Miner 2 Find the way through the maze with the ninja. Can you move through the maze in straight lines and collect all the diamonds? Make sure your ninja ca... 4.2 El Papel El Papel Meet El Papel! This Mexican fellow has no trouble eating burritos. Stretch his neck to solve 40 puzzles. You must help him to get the precious toi... 4.1 Ridiculous Glitching Ridiculous Glitching Dodge walls, ghosts and other obstacles while eating cherries and the famous Pac-Man pills. Prepare for a very addictive game that will drive you c... 4.2 Cover Orange Journey Knights Cover Orange Journey Knights In Cover Orange Journey Knights you must find the best way to protect the orange. It is raining danger! Use your mouse to place different objects... 4.3 CrazyHand CrazyHand Guide this three armed metal ball through the dark levels of this strange game. You can only use your mouse. 4.2 Barbie Xmas Haircuts Barbie Xmas Haircuts Oh no! What happened to Barbies hair? Can you save her and make her head pretty for this Christmas? Grab all the items you need and make her prett... 4.3 Fishing: Hunting For Throphy Fishing: Hunting For Throphy Enjoy a leisurely day of fishing at the river. Will you be able to catch many fish? Try it out in this fishing game. 4.2 Douchebag Beach Club Douchebag Beach Club This guy is training hard to score some girls. Make sure his muscles are tight and his hair and clothes look sharp. Every girl will fall for him no... 4.4 Alice In Clumsy Land Alice In Clumsy Land Enjoy this fun physics game in the world of Alice in Wonderland. Get the clock to the rabbit quickly before its too late! Good luck! 1 Super Katapult Super Katapult Use your Catapult to shoot down all boxes. This game is very similar to Angry Birds and it has 18 levels that you can play! Good luck! 4.1 Deliverance Deliverance In this epic race and shoot game you have to drive a truck like a boss. Deliver goods to the indicated locations. Some goods are not entirely legal... 4.3

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Sonny Pacman

Sonny Pacman

4.1 45


Try to get through all levels in this version of pacman!


Play this game with the arrow keys.

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