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1 vs 1001 vs 100Dutch quiz show from TV. You get a set of questions and you can choose the easy or the difficult one.8Tingly Pyramid SolitaireTingly Pyramid SolitaireCan you play away all of the cards in the pyramid? You can clear away the cards by combining two cards to make 13. Click on the king to remove that ca...4Hartenjagen 2Hartenjagen 2This is a fun tricks based game in which you have to corner your opponents and make them win the tricks containing the cards with the penalty points.4Word MojoWord MojoWord Mojo is a simple but exciting puzzle game. Play Word Mojo and make endless variations in a race against the clock. Go for a GIGANTIC score by pla...8Freecell Solitaire ClassicFreecell Solitaire ClassicPlay a classic game of freecell solitaire, a fun card game to kill the time. Can you stack the cards by suit from the ace to the king in the four empt...4Classic SolitaireClassic SolitairePlay the free online card game Classic Solitaire!8Maganic WarsMaganic WarsYou have 5 cards each turn and you can pick one by clicking on it, then you click on the execute button to play your turn. These are the modifiers and...8TombolaTombolaPlay a fun game of bingo in Tombola! Purchase the bingo cards you want using your play points. See if your cards contain the lucky numbers in this bin...6Stock Market CrashStock Market CrashMake enough money to buy all of your goals to win. Sell everything before the market crashes. If everything goes well your income will be doubled. Wat...8Algerijns PatienceAlgerijns PatienceIf you are looking to work out your brain, you must try Algerian Patience. It is a lot like the famous card game, patience, but then significantly har...6
Spectromancer: Gathering of Power

Spectromancer: Gathering of Power



Spectromancer: Gathering of Power! Choose one of the mage characters and prepare yourself for a magical fight. Summon mighty monsters to aid you in your battle. Use mighty spells from five magical elements: fire, water, air, earth and a special element bound to your character. Can you defeat all the enemies? Follow the tutorial to learn the game.

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