Pikachu the Hero Pikachu the Hero Free the Charmander from its cage in the platform game Pikachu the Hero. Jump from one platform to the next and shoot lightning at the other Pokemo... 4 Easter Avenger Ex Easter Avenger Ex The Easter Rabbit has turned your grandfather into a chocolate eggbefore you could save him. Help the Easter Egg take revenge by defeating all the ... 4.2 Onepiece Online Onepiece Online OnePiece Online is an amazing tower defense MMO game that based on the “One Piece” manga series. The Great Age of Pirates has arrived! As a brave p... 3.8 Rapid Gun Rapid Gun You are an elite soldier and your task is to eliminate all the enemies in the area. Be quick and try to dodge all enemy bullets. This shooter game ... 4.3 Rico Ninja Rico Ninja Save the humans from the zombies in this fun physics ricochet game. After years of training the time has finally come to show your ninja skills. Sh... 4.2 Bomber's Adventure Bomber's Adventure The Bomber guy got lost in a world filled with dangerous animals and annoying walls that block his path! Help him in this Bomberman game complete h... 4.2 Zombie Puzzle Zombie Puzzle Zombies are back. They are stuck inside this puzzle game. Find all the pieces and put them into place. Drag each piece to the right place and voila... 4.2 Arco Summoner Arco Summoner An epic battle for the card game fans! Use the right cards to defeat the enemy and his shadow. Your goal is to destroy the enemies red Nexus. You c... 1 Tortuga Defense Tortuga Defense Defend your treasure against the pirates of the dead see in this Toruga Defense game. Place various weapons to defend your treasures. Select a towe... 4.1 Zombie Girlfriend Zombie Girlfriend The love of your life turned into a zombie. This game is about zombies, guns, love and your zombie girlfriend. Its also about jumping platforms an... 4.1 Alien Bottle Buccaneer Alien Bottle Buccaneer Shoot down those bottles. Ever heard of recycling? This alien doesnt care about that. O well.. might as well have some fun then! Shoot all the b... 1 Bandidos Desert Bandidos Desert Live like a bandit, play as a bandit. Collect everything in the desert. Defeat ur enemies, find the beauty and make the right choiches. 1 Discount Mayonaise Discount Mayonaise Go deeper and deeper into the realms of the gigantic killer worm and shoot every mutant that tries to attack you in this moderately difficult shoot... 4.2 Homerun in Berzerk Land Homerun in Berzerk Land Hit the nerd as hard as you can with your club. By hitting him as hard as you can you earn money. With this money you buy upgrades and unlock new l... 4.4 Bounce game Bounce game Use the elephant to feed all the lions in the game. Strangely enough they eat apples. Work on your aim because the supply is limited. 4.2

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Spin Mania

Spin Mania

10 2.260


Time to fight tanks with your battle tank!


Use the WASD or arrow keys to drive your armored fighting vehicle and use the mouse to aim and shoot antagonists.

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