Crazy Freekick Crazy Freekick Football requires quick feet and this game requires quick hands. Click at exactly the right moment to deliver that perfect freekick and outsmart th... 3.8 Carzy Champion Soccer Carzy Champion Soccer Can you kick the ball into the goal and win the penalty shootout to win the soccer match? You have to shoot the ball past the goal keeper. More pla... 4.1 Goal Champion Goal Champion Take the free kicks and corner kicks in this game and try to get the ball past the goalie and the other players. Pick the angle of your shot and th... 4.2 Soccertastic Soccertastic How many goals can you score in this soccer game? Click on the ball and swipe towards the right corner of the goal. As you level up, the goal keepe... 4 Free Kick Duel Soccer Free Kick Duel Soccer Select your opponent and try to beat them with legendary goals. The first party to score 3 goals wins. 4 Goalkeeper Soccer Goalkeeper Soccer You are the only one that can save your team from losing. The keeper. A good goalkeeper keeps every ball away from hitting the goal. Use your iron ... 4 Euro Free Kick 2012 Euro Free Kick 2012 Win the Euro 2012 soccer championship! Get on the field and win the cup! Show your amazing football skills and score goals! Better of as a goalkeep... 4.4 Free Kick Free Kick In this game you have to take a free shot. Aim for the goal and get a high score! 4.2 Subbuteo Subbuteo Shoot the ball into the goal. 4.1 Super Goals Super Goals Throw the soccer ball to your team, so they get to score as many goals as they can. 4.2 Zizou Sock-err Zizou Sock-err You can score points when scoring a goal, and targeting the people obstructing your goal. 1 Goal Wall Shooting Goal Wall Shooting Shoot the ball into one of the holes to score. 4.1 Get In Goal Get In Goal Shoot the ball into the goal! 1 Best Free Kick Best Free Kick Avoid the players and shoot the ball into the goal! 4.2 Get in Goal Get in Goal Pick one of four players and score as many goals as you can! 1

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Stan James

Stan James

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