Dumb Ways To Die 3 Dumb Ways To Die 3 Play Dumb Ways To Die 3 now. 4.2 Neon Gravity Neon Gravity Race through the tunnel with the block, jump to the ceiling or continue to glide across the floor to dodge all the neon shapes. How far will you be... 4.1 Food Stack Food Stack In this stacking game you have to try to stack the sandwich as high as you can. Tap or click to drop the slices of bread, cheese, and meat at the r... 4.1 World's Hardest Game 4 World's Hardest Game 4 Collect all the golden coins and avoid the blue pips while you try to make your way through this complicated maze game. Can you find all the keys a... 3.8 Dumb Ways to Die: Differences Dumb Ways to Die: Differences These little creatures are always getting into trouble and mortal danger. And they have snapped some pictures of their adventures to show you. But ... 4.2 Circle Circus Circle Circus These little robots are going around in circles. By flipping to the other side of the track they can move into other circles. Because inside of the... 4.1 Cooking with Emma: Potato Salad Cooking with Emma: Potato Salad Make a delicious Potato Salad in Emmas kitchen. Its a vegan recipe! At the end of this game you will also see the full recipe so that you can pri... 4.2 Home Run Champion Home Run Champion React quickly and hit the ball or pitch the moment the arrow is in the red area. Can you hit more homeruns and score more points than your opponent... 4.1 Sky Trip Sky Trip Roll the ball across the checkered road in this game. Can you roll past all the obstacles and jump over the gaps in the road? Make sure you jump at... 3.9 Pinball Rainbow Pinball Rainbow Play a fun game of pinball. Shoot the ball through this colourful pinball game. There are rainbows and unicorns and lots of special features to unl... 4.2 Pixel Zombies Pixel Zombies React quickly and hit all the zombies to squash them. Can you stomp on the zombies before they get too close? The zombies in this game can run pret... 1 Ninja Defence Ninja Defence Samurais are on their way to fight! In this amazing action game, your mission is to defend the lands of ninjas from enemy samurais. You can stop th... 4.1 3 Pandas in Japan 3 Pandas in Japan 3 Pandas are back! These cute and smart pandas embark on a new adventure through Japan. Your misson in this amazing game is to meet them in East As... 4.3 Frenzy Cruise Frenzy Cruise Its time for you to work on a big cruise ship! You can start the game by choosing one of the four characters, hop on board of the luxury cruiser. ... 4.2 The Parking Dead The Parking Dead In this amazing The Parking Dead game, you will control a punk style car with a skeleton driver. You need to park the car at spotted places! Start ... 4.3

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Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 2

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 2

4.4 26.508


Your goal is to hit the commands in time with the music, get combos for a higher score. This game features 14 great songs, 6 guitars and a crazy stickman.


After choosing a guitar, difficulty and a song you can begin the game with the Ready button. Commands will move across the screen, the aim is to press the corresponding key when the command reaches the time bar. Each correct command gives you 10 points, but pressing a key at the wrong time will cost you 10 points, so don't button mash. Collect combos to increase the multiplier. There are also hold commands that will give you more points the longer you hold the key. Use the ARROW KEYS and "A", "S", "D" KEYS (hold). A good score you will get you an award which will go towards unlocking new stuff.

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