Adam and Eve 3Adam and Eve 3Adam is back with his new adventures. A love letter received to Adam and he needs to find Eve who wrote it to him. Are you ready to help the world's f...8Number TumblerNumber TumblerPlay the free-to-play maths game Number Tumbler online for free!10QuadrusQuadrusAssemble squares and complete the puzzles. Place 2x2 squares into figures to win points and make it to the highscore.8Hurry and Escape: The Pirate ShipHurry and Escape: The Pirate ShipYou are trapped on a pirate ship and you must escape before it leaves town. Find a way to leave the ship. If you meet the captain, help him so he does...8Sneak Thief 2 Second StrikeSneak Thief 2 Second StrikeIn Sneak Thief 2 Second Strike the thief got swallowed by a giant mechanical fish. Now he is trapped inside his stomach! Just like Pinocchio in Monstr...6Extreme AtomsExtreme AtomsIn Extreme Atoms you have to drag atoms up, down, left or right to connect them. The atom won't stop till he hit something. You can also play this gam...8Shape Fold 2Shape Fold 2Move the pieces of the puzzle to complete the figure. There are many levels that you can play. It's a good mental test for only the brightest people!8NambersNambersCan you select the right numbers and complete the task list at the bottom of the screen? You will have to group numbers together by their value. Selec...7.5One BubbleOne BubbleDestroy all bubbles until there's only one left. Select a bubble with your mouse and move it to an empty spot. A bubble can only move when it's next t...8Monkey Go Happy 4Monkey Go Happy 4In Monkey Go Happy it's your job to cheer up this sad ape. Each level is a puzzle or game you must solve. Solve them all as fast as you can to get the...6


Select a drawing and try to copy it!


Use the mouse to play this game.

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