Pokemon Firered Version Pokemon Firered Version Try out the newest Pokemon game: Pokemon Firered Version! 4.3 Waque a Jacques Waque a Jacques The man keeps popping up in France wearing various disguises. Can you get a sneak photograph of him? React quickly and snap your shots until you ru... 4.1 Frenzy Cruise Frenzy Cruise Its time for you to work on a big cruise ship! You can start the game by choosing one of the four characters, hop on board of the luxury cruiser. ... 4.2 Cats N Fish 2 Cats N Fish 2 In Cats n Fish 2 you must bounce the cat towards the box of fish. The game is set in a circus and you are the main circus attraction! 4.1 Vehicle Parking 3D Vehicle Parking 3D Park your car in the right place without hitting anything. Even a scratch will make you lose the game. Prove you are an excellent driver! 4.3 Sweet Pony Sweet Pony Take care of this sweet pony. First collect tools (by running and jumping), then wash and brush the horse, then repair her shoes and of course you ... 4.2 Blob Thrower Blob Thrower Merge the yellow blobs. You can do this by shooting other blobs with special properties. Your blobs can be exploslive, sticky or inflated, or even ... 4.2 Sleeping Caveman Sleeping Caveman You were better off letting this caveman sleep because now hes running after you! Jump over obstacles, grab super power bones, propellers, bikes a... 4.1 Alligator Likes Ducks Alligator Likes Ducks This crocodile (gekko) wants to take a batch, but only with his rubber ducks. Click on the boxes to break them so he can roll and collect his ducks. 4.2 Egg 2 Mom Egg 2 Mom An evil dinosaur stole all the eggs. In this funny physics game you need to roll and bounce the eggs safely to the nest. Try to collect the stars f... 4.2 Traffic Cash Traffic Cash Traffic can be busy at times. An accident can happen within seconds. Watch out for traffic accidents and use the money you earn for upgrades. Click... 4.1 Gemollection Level Pack Gemollection Level Pack In this game you have to roll the gem to the treasure chests. Use the boxes, chains and other elements to guide the gem. Rules of gravity apply! 1 Liquid Measure 3 Liquid Measure 3 You have to re-route the water pipes to fill all pots. There are new items available like the water multiplaier, antimatter bomb, three-way splitte... 4.1 Crest Breakout Crest Breakout Solve all puzzles and help the chicken escape and collect all the eggs. 4.2 Supaplex Supaplex This is a new version of the classic MS-DOS game Supaplex, made in 1991. Take control of Murphy, a red smiley, and collect all the chips from the c... 4.1

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The A-Team Game

The A-Team Game

4.2 86


Protect the B-Team (they look a lot like the A-Team) from the flying bullets! In this funny game you must drop objects onto their heads to protect them. Good luck!


Play this game with your mouse.

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