ZigZag 2 ZigZag 2 This red ball is making his way across a platform made of cubes. The rocky road through space is tricky and full of corners and edges. Try not to f... 4 Disney Christmas Party Disney Christmas Party The Disney princesses Elsa and Anna and their friends are hosting a Disney sleepover party. At this party the princesses are having fun giving each... 5.3 Clockwork Beetles Clockwork Beetles Can you connect all the matching pieces in combinations of three or more and repair all of the mechanical beetles? How many beetles will you be ab... Let's Go fishing Let's Go fishing Try to catch as many fish as you can by dropping the hook and hitting the fish. Try to drop the hook at the right moment. If you miss the fish, you... Bristlies 2 Bristlies 2 These little cute creatures called bristlies, want to go way back to their boxes. Lets help them! Your mission in this physics-based puzzle game i... 1 Vampirizer Vampirizer Bored vampires want to have a big party but they need more people to have more fun! Your mission in this amazing puzzle game is to control vampires... 1 Bubble Shooter Christmas Bubble Shooter Christmas Its Christmas time! So your favorite Bubble Shooter game is decorated. Create groups of 3 or more bubbles that have the same color. Shoot bombs and... 6.5 Cat Shmat Cat Shmat This little cat is too hungry, he needs to eat the cookie. Your mission in this amazing game is to drag platform pieces onto the maze to help the c... 5.6 Sharks Can Fly Sharks Can Fly Drag the shark downwards and let the shark fly! The goal of this game is to collect all the clovers. Also watch out for the spikey turtles! 1 Fragile Hero Fragile Hero Find ways to destroy the hero in each level of this game! Remove blocks to let the donut roll. 1 Balloons vs Zombies 3 Balloons vs Zombies 3 Balloons vs Zombies 3 is a physics puzzle game that equips you with a high tech gun. Use balloons, bats, grenades and knives to take out zombies. T... 5.1 Birdy Fruit Birdy Fruit Help this bird fly and collect delicious pieces of fruit. Do not stop flapping mor you will end up dead. Its a bit like Flappy Bird. 4.9 Grumpy Beaks Grumpy Beaks Flappy Flap! Heres another Flappy game Grumpy Beaks. Its almost the same as Flappy Bird, but with five birds. Get them all through the pipes sa... 5.2 Lanelike Lanelike How fast can you react to changes? Change shapes and put your reflexes to the test. Will it be a circle or a square? Keep your eye on the screen. H... 5.6 Virus Wars Virus Wars The goal of this game is to take out a virus by injecting living cells. Do it quickly or else you will be defeated. 5.8

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The A-Team Game

The A-Team Game

8.6 82


Protect the B-Team (they look a lot like the A-Team) from the flying bullets! In this funny game you must drop objects onto their heads to protect them. Good luck!


Play this game with your mouse.

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