The Walls The Walls Let the little creature scuttle between the two walls. A new path will appear to the side. Tap the screen or click at the right moment to make the ... 3.9 Circle Circus Circle Circus These little robots are going around in circles. By flipping to the other side of the track they can move into other circles. Because inside of the... 4.2 Christmas Toy Room Christmas Toy Room Can you search the Christmas toy room and find all the clues? Use the clues sprinkled through the room to solve all the codebreaker puzzles and col... 4.2 Jetpack Santa Jetpack Santa Enjoy this crazy Christmas game and fly around with Santa. Not in his usual flying sled pulled by reindeer, but with an ultramodern jetpack! Make s... 4.1 In & Out In & Out Travel through the hoops with the crystal octopus and try to collect all the gems and make it to the green circle. You can switch between travellin... 4.1 Furry Brothers Furry Brothers Can you throw rocks to break the right tiles? The objective in each level is to make the ball roll and bounce to the furry creature Pichu. Can you ... 4.2 Slacking Library Slacking Library Lazy Lucy is sitting in the library and shes bored. Can you help her with other tasks that are more interesting than her homework? Shooting spitba... 4.1 Mister Mole Mister Mole Roll the square block of hay over the moles to squash them. The taller the mole stands, the more points you score. Try to make colour combinations.... 4.1 Rat Maze Rat Maze You play as a very smart rat thats trapped inside a maze full of obstacles, traps and other dangers. Collect all the food you find along your way ... 4 Steak and Jack Steak and Jack Help the buddies Steak and Jack deliver milk to the farm. There are many obstacles along the way, but bird Jack can fill these up with colors. Make... 4.2 Frenzy Pizza Frenzy Pizza It is saturday night and you are working in a pizzaria. Its very busy today! Bring customers to their tables, take orders and serve orders. 4.1 Kyra's Revenge Kyra's Revenge Kyra is out for revenge! She went to school and a bully threw all her papers on the ground. Gather the papers, jump on platforms and collect coins. 1 Bocky Christmas Bocky Christmas Merry Blocky Christmas! Try to get all the blocks to their allocated spots. You have to use magnetic blocks and your brain to finish this game. Goo... 1 Safari Slacking Safari Slacking It doesnt matter what job this girl has, her goal is to just slack. Today she is working in the zoo. Just like every lazy animal, she wont do a t... 4.2 Theft Punk Theft Punk Help this little Theft Punk steal all the diamonds in this fun puzzle game. The only problem is, he wont stop till he hits an obstacle. 4

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The Impossible Game 2

The Impossible Game 2

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This game is impossible! How far can you get in this increddibly tough game? Jump over the triangles, jump on the squares and try to get as far as possible, but this is almost impossible! Prove that you can beat 'the impossible game'!


Play this game with your keyboard.
Spacebar to jump.

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