Playfull Kitty Playfull Kitty This kitty loves its wool ball and it is up to you to reunite the two. The ball is yarn is stuck somewhere in each level and by removing some of th... 4.4 Hamster Go Home Hamster Go Home Will you help this cute hamster to find his way back home? He is rolling around these platform levels in his little hamsterball. Use the bombs to m... 5.1 1212! 1212! Place the blocks in the grid and try to make full rows and columns to play them away and make more space for new blocks. Place the flashing blocks ... 4.8 Game About Squares Game About Squares Game About Squares, also known as Simple Squares, is a genius minimalistic puzzle game. You must move colored squares onto circles of the same colo... 5.3 Dangerous Adventure Dangerous Adventure In this dungeon match-3 game you must solve all kinds of puzzles. Five heroes joined forces to explore a dangerous cave. Kill enemies, open treasur... 1 Jelly Collapse Jelly Collapse In Jelly Collapse you have to get rid of all the same colored jellies. Click on them and try to get many points to fill the bar at the top of the s... 5.4 Chainz 2 Chainz 2 Step into the amazing world of Chainz 2 : Relinked. This is the amazing sequel to Chainz. In this fun puzzle game you must twist the chainz to make... 5.3 Strange Invaders Strange Invaders Try to fight the alien invasion. Click on an alien and defeat the group within reach. Try to gain different power orbs to unlock special attacks. E... 1 Icecubes Icecubes Eliminate all the ice cubes from the panel. The strategy is obvious, remove all the cubes to win the game. Use the Shake button to re-arrange the c... 1 Chromatronix Chromatronix Connect the Chromas with the correct power sources. 5.7 Treasure Chain Treasure Chain Remove the blocks 5.5 Pantheon Pantheon Find identically colored tiles and change the yellow tiles to gray tiles to collect many treasures. 5.1 Super Collapse 3 Super Collapse 3 Click on groups of 3 or more identical squares to remove them from the field. Once the wall of blocks has reached the top its game over. 1 Sky Blocks Sky Blocks Match the blocks and clear the board 5.3 Puzzle Gallery Puzzle Gallery Remove all blocks from the screen to solve a puzzle. Click on groups of three or more with the same colour to play them off of the screen. 5.8
Tiles of the Unexpected

Tiles of the Unexpected

7.6 10.294


Use your skills to clear the tiles and blast your way to the end of the level.


Click on groups of 2 or more of the same tiles to clear them. Earn more bombs to blast tiles away when your moves run out by making extra combos.

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