Sushi Dash 1 Sushi Dash 1 Run back and forth with the maki sushi roll to avoid all the falling blades. Can you collect the orange fish eggs and the wasabi creatures. Save up... 4.3 ZigZag 3 Football ZigZag 3 Football Zigzag down the path with the football. Try to keep on the grass and do not roll over the edges. How far will you be able to get before you fall of... 4.1 Tip Tap 2 Tip Tap 2 Let the little creature scuttle between the two walls. A new path will appear to the side. Tap the screen or click at the right moment to make the ... 4.1 100 Golf Balls 100 Golf Balls You have 100 golf balls. Can you drop them from the hatch and into the holes with just the right timing? The balls that fall onto the green are los... 4.3 Smove Paradise Smove Paradise Move across the island and collect the diamonds while dodging the red balls. Can you collect all the items you need to clear each level! The furthe... 4.2 Alien Defender Alien Defender Fire the rockets to defend the earth against the invasion of space aliens. Try to hit their UFOs as they pass overhead. Can you hit all the space a... 4.2 Blow Fish Blow Fish Try to hit all of the blowfish with the pearls in your pinball machine. They can bounce off the coloured pips and the crab swimming at the bottom. ... 4 Hop Don't Stop Hop Don't Stop Run down the path with the rabbit. Try to dodge all the rocks and collect as many gems as you can. You can use the gems to purchase all kinds of po... 10 Summer Grill Cooking Summer Grill Cooking The BBQ is a big part of the summer holiday fun! In this game you can prepare your own barbecue party meal! First you have to pick the right ingred... 4.2 Refrigerator Rampage 1 Refrigerator Rampage 1 Try to dodge all the falling refrigerators with your stickman. As you play, power-ups will float down on little parachutes. Can you grab them for e... 3.9 Slacking Library Slacking Library Lazy Lucy is sitting in the library and shes bored. Can you help her with other tasks that are more interesting than her homework? Shooting spitba... 4.1 Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather Fly through the air with the bord. Try to collect as many other birds into your clan as you can. Make sure you dont lose any birds by flying into ... 4.2 Help Papa Rob Help Papa Rob Someone has broken into Daddy Robs lab and broken all of his inventions into pieces. Can you help Rob the inventor put them back together again? C... 3.9 Speed Miner 2 Speed Miner 2 Try to break the blocks as quickly as you can with your miner. Each set has five blocks. You can break the blocks by hitting the right arrow keys. ... 4 Mineral Rush Mineral Rush Mine the various mines and collect resources. Can you bring them to the furnace and smelt ores to make metal bars. Use these to make new weapons, s... 3.9

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Toilet Paper Game

Toilet Paper Game

4.2 1.418


Roll the paper from the toiletroll as fast as you can.


Use the mouse (or the scrollwheel) to roll the paper.

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