Tower Mania Tower Mania Build the highest tower ever built! Every time you place a floor you get to place the next one precisely on top of the other one. That way you can ... 4.6 Point Adventure Point Adventure Twist the two dots to the left and right along the circle and try to dodge all the obstacles. You cannot move the circle. You can only rotate the d... 4.4 Flappy Christmas Flappy Christmas Fly through the Christmas tunnel with Dr Atoms dog, Quark. Can you dodge all the obstacles and grab all the golden Christmas stars? See how far you... 1 Leave me Alone Leave me Alone Kick and punch the monsters coming down the path. Hit them at the right moment. Make sure they dont get you. The speed of the game will gradually ... 4.5 ZigZag ZigZag Roll the little ball across the platform and make sure it doesnt fall off. Everytime you click or tap, the ball changes direction. Can you collect... 4.2 Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather Fly through the air with the bord. Try to collect as many other birds into your clan as you can. Make sure you dont lose any birds by flying into ... 4.6 Bananamania Bananamania This two gorillas are very hungry! They must eat all bananas and there is only you can help them. Are you skillful enough on throwing bananas? Very... 4.3 Vampirizer Vampirizer Bored vampires want to have a big party but they need more people to have more fun! Your mission in this amazing puzzle game is to control vampires... 1 Tank Truck Driver Tank Truck Driver Its time for you to show all your driving skills as a long vehicle driver! Control your tank truck and carry out the delivery of oil and petrol to... 4.9 Skeleton 2 Skeleton 2 Skeleton 2 is a wonderful physics shooter game that you need to launch skeletons in the air. Shoot the skeletons out of the cannon and break all th... 4.7 Hospital Admin Hospital Admin This busy nurse works alone during the night shift and she must take care of every patient very carefully. The aim of this enjoyable game is to hel... 4.3 El Papel El Papel Meet El Papel! This Mexican fellow has no trouble eating burritos. Stretch his neck to solve 40 puzzles. You must help him to get the precious toi... 4.4 Flappy Bird Forest Adventure Flappy Bird Forest Adventure From time to time Flappy Bird is lost inside a forrest. Help him get out of there using the fewest possible flapping. 4.5 Indiara Runner Indiara Runner This girl is searching for treasures, just like Indiana Jones. But as soon as she grabs the treasure, a big ball will chase her. Run as fast you ca... 1 Flappy Bird Squishy Bird Flappy Bird Squishy Bird Flappy Bird driving you crazy? End it now by squishing the Flappy Birds over and over and over again. 4.6

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Toilet Paper Game

Toilet Paper Game

4.4 1.418


Roll the paper from the toiletroll as fast as you can.


Use the mouse (or the scrollwheel) to roll the paper.

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