Mahjong Connect 2 Mahjong Connect 2 Make pairs using all the matching mahjong tiles in this fun mahjong connect quest game. Travel from one level to the next on the map and solve all ... 4.2 Coffee Mahjong Coffee Mahjong For all you coffee lovers out there, this is the game for you. The available tiles are highlighted and it is up to you to match them up whether its... 4.1 ColorBoom ColorBoom Shoot the coloured smileys at each other. Pair them up by colour and hit them to play them away. Can you collect the stars along the way? Make sure... 4.2 Mystical Birdlink Mystical Birdlink Can you free all the magical birds by connecting the bird tiles in this nikakudori game? Connect two identical tiles with a line. The line may only... 4.2 Connect Me Factory Connect Me Factory Drag and/or rotate the blocks to connect the plugs on the side of each block. The right number of plugs must be linked up to complete each level. C... 4.2 Candy Duels Candy Duels Can you collect all the pieces of candy on the marked tiles. Break more marked tiles than your opponents can. You can try to win extra powerful can... 4 Transmission Transmission Forget all the puzzle games that you played before. You will live a new game experience with Transmission! In this super game you have only one mis... 4.2 Vikingland Vikingland Troops of evil monsters are invading your Vikingland territory! Help the vikings to defend his viking land village by building defense towers and n... 4.1 Sugar Tales Sugar Tales In Sugar Tales you must eat as many candy and cake as you can. The little monster can only eat groups of atleast 3. If you eat more at the same tim... 1 Crossfire M4A1 Dragon Crossfire M4A1 Dragon Shoot down all opponents in this Counterstrike action shooting game. Use your awesome machinegun M4A1. Make sure you have enough bullets. 4.3 Bit Battles Bit Battles Fight against enemies in Bit Battles by sending troops to the battlefield. Command your knight, lancer ang mage to take out the pixelated enemies. ... 4.4 OnlyBall OnlyBall Roll the ball in this game through the levels and use your keyboard to unfreeze alphabetic platforms. This OnlyBall game is a very challenging pl... 4.2 Adventures Of Popcorn Adventures Of Popcorn In The Adventures Of Popcorn you have to collect many eggs. Be careful for the dangerous guardians though! They will eat you raw. You can also play... 1 Jewel Mysteries Jewel Mysteries Hunt on treasures in Jewel Mysteries, an exciting 3-in-a-row bejweled game. After you found an old map you will dive into the ocean in search of wh... 1 BackDoor BackDoor You wake up. The phone is ringing and you find yourself in a strange house. The only person that might know what is going on is the person on the p... 4.2

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The pretty princes has been kidnapped! The brave heroes and knights of the Kingdom are set out to rescue, but they failed. Now you're the only hope left. In this bejeweled action game you have to swap gems and combine tokens to defeat monsters, open chests and free mates. The game combines game elements from Bejeweled with RPG/swords and sandals. A very unique game experience.


Play this game with your mouse.
Play this bejeweled game with your mouse to match gems/tokens. The tokens you match define the attack your perform.

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