Madam Bakery Madam Bakery Open the ovens in Madame Brioches Bakery and see whether you get three matching pastries to win the prize money. You can play this game with 1 to 4... 4.1 Neon Rotate Neon Rotate Connect the hubs by rotating the pieces. Can you connect up all the lines? You can not leave any dead ends that will leak energy. All the pieces ha... 3.9 Andy's Golf 2 Andy's Golf 2 Can you score a hole-in-one on the golf tracks with Andy? Take a swing at the ball with your club and try to shoot the ball into the hole in the lo... 4.7 Fruita Crush Fruita Crush Can you match up all the fruit to score lots of points and bonus items? Match 3 or more of the same type of fruit and try to score the necessary am... 4.1 Jewel Mysteries Jewel Mysteries A young female mage is gathering jewels for her magical powers in a dark and gloomy magical forest. She must collect magical jewels that hold eleme... 4 Sevens Sevens Try to add up the dice to make seven each time. Use the red Joker dice to score a joker you can use to play away any dice in the game, or try to co... 4 South Park South Park Spin the five reels to play this slot machine game with the hilarious kids from South Park. Can you line up Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, and Stan along an... 4 Catapon Catapon Catapon is a great Angry Birds style game with 3D effects. Your aim in this amazing game is to use your giant catapult and destroy the black vampir... 4.2 Jelly Picnic Jelly Picnic Jelly Picnic is a match-3 game with all sorts of coloured pudding monsters. Its up to you to create the perfect combinations! At the top of the ga... 4.1 Bloody Night Bloody Night The night is red as blood. A dark door of hell has opened. Your mission is to protect humanity from an endless wave of zombie murderers. Are you re... 4.1 Ice Cream Booth Ice Cream Booth Serve delicious ice creams and keep your customers happy! Too slow and is the icecream melting? Then your customers will walk away mad. Try to earn... 3.9 Idle Farmers Idle Farmers You are a young farmer and going to grow your own crops. Grow potatoes, carrots, corn and other vegetables. Sell them on the market and improve you... 4.2 Nog Nog Nog is the name of this strange creature that is searching for his girlfriend in this liquid world. Jump platforms and wacht out not to fall off. 4.2 Dungeons Of Kong Dungeons Of Kong In this RPG game (Dungeons of Kong) you will build a team of heros with many skills. Enter a dangerous dungeon with vicious enemies. Take them all ... 1 Socrates Jones Socrates Jones After an unfortunate event, accountant Socrates Jones finds himself in the nature of morality. Try to earn back his life by speaking with people. B... 1

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The pretty princes has been kidnapped! The brave heroes and knights of the Kingdom are set out to rescue, but they failed. Now you're the only hope left. In this bejeweled action game you have to swap gems and combine tokens to defeat monsters, open chests and free mates. The game combines game elements from Bejeweled with RPG/swords and sandals. A very unique game experience.


Play this game with your mouse.
Play this bejeweled game with your mouse to match gems/tokens. The tokens you match define the attack your perform.

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