Crossy Swipe Crossy Swipe Flip the level upside down, sideways, or diagonally to make the character walk in the right directions. You have to try to collect the three golden... 4.2 Crazy Birds Crazy Birds The battle between the birds and the pigs rages on! The birds will hop into the catapult one by one. Can you fire them to destroy the buildings of ... 4.1 Fizzy Frenzy Fizzy Frenzy Are you ready to manage your soda factory? Your goal in this amazing game is helping the robot to produce soda cans in time. As levels passed by, y... 4.1 Strike Force Kitty Strike Force Kitty Strike Force Kitty to the recue! Play as a group of kittens in this action packed running game. Upgrade your kitty friends in order to save the cat... 4.5 Galactic Gems 2 Galactic Gems 2 In this addicting Bejeweled game Galactic Gems 2 you must try to get the highest score. You must swap and match 3 adjacent bejeweld gems to make ma... 4.2 Hero of Inferno Hero of Inferno Dante needs your help to fight the evil god and their guardians. Equip your heroes with the best armor and weapons and perform combos to defeat eac... 4.2 Brazil Cup 2014 Brazil Cup 2014 Play in the Brazil Worlcup 2014! Make goals and claim victory on the soccer worldcup! 4.1 Anti Meow Force Anti Meow Force Anti Meow Force the ultimate action packed game. A side scrolling shooter with 18 levels and 7 different weapons you can upgrade. Fight the final b... 4.1 Humanoid 47 Humanoid 47 This person is trapped inside a very strange hospital. Try to escape in this point and click adventure game! 4.2 Beast Warriors Beast Warriors Beast Warriors will immediately be recognized by Dota fans. In this game you command a hero on a dense battlefield. Lead your troops to victory and... 4.1 Stickman Valor Stickman Valor Venture into the dark woods in search of enemies to destroy them in a bloody fight. Upgrade your armor and unlock new levels in this fun Stickman g... 4.3 Stormy Castle Stormy Castle Defend your castle while you attack the enemy. Build important buildings like barracks and blacksmiths to improve the skills of your troops. Dont ... 4.5 Four Princesses Four Princesses Send your army of heroic fighters, mages and archers to victory in this awesome swords and sandals matching game. Fight against epic bosses and sol... 4.1 Dark Ranger Dark Ranger Enemies are trying to invade your homeland! The witch has decided to cast a spell and make everyone tiny. Now you must keep the intruders at distan... 4.2 Hell City Hell City Only the strongest can survive this hellish city. Make the right choices to survive and maybe you can bring back peace before it falls apart around... 4

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The pretty princes has been kidnapped! The brave heroes and knights of the Kingdom are set out to rescue, but they failed. Now you're the only hope left. In this bejeweled action game you have to swap gems and combine tokens to defeat monsters, open chests and free mates. The game combines game elements from Bejeweled with RPG/swords and sandals. A very unique game experience.


Play this game with your mouse.
Play this bejeweled game with your mouse to match gems/tokens. The tokens you match define the attack your perform.

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