Turbo Dismount

    Turbo Dismount

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    Turbo Dismount


    Some vehicles are undergoing a crash test. In this stunt game you must go full throttle and hit all the obstacles to test the endurance of the cars. The more damage you do, the more points you will get. Get ready for a big shock in Turbo Dismount! To play this game you need the Unity Web Player.


    Play this game with your mouse and keyboard.


    Unity Web Player

    What is Unity

    You'll be required to download the Unity Web Player more frequently, otherwise you won't be able to play this game. Unity is required to view 3D content.

    Download Unity

    Unity Web Player will startup automatically when loading your game, if not; click here. The Unity Web Player is free and won't cause harm to your computer. The player will update itself.

    Unity issues

    White screen or "Error launching Unity Player": Your internet browser most likely doesn't have enough rights to use the player. Follow these steps for your browser: Youtube video.