King's Rush King's Rush Rush down the hill in the King’s battle ram tank. How far will you get, with all the enemy forts and soldiers you have to blast out of your path? T... 5.3 Dungeon Descender Dungeon Descender Descend deep into the dungeons with the elf in this RPG game. Can you defeat all the monsters you will come across along the way? Collect the treas... 4.7 Piano Tiles 2 Piano Tiles 2 Play Piano Tiles in classic mode or in scrolling arcade mode. Can you hit the black keys to play the piano. Make sure you dont miss and hit the wr... 6.3 Mahjong Everyday Mahjong Everyday Play a new Mahjong board every day in this fun game. You can also review and play the past weeks boards. Can you combine all the free tiles to mak... 5.3 Castle of Terror Castle of Terror Help Van Helsing kill alle the zombies and other monsters in the town. You cant touch them, because that will kill you. Instead, you can drop bloc... 1 Cardinal Quest 2 Cardinal Quest 2 Start your adventure as a warrior and fight in the middle of a village to defeat the evil forces! Find treasures and equip powerful items. After yo... 5.3 Artillerize Artillerize Defend your base with powerful weapons against the aliens. Collect the coins to buy ammo with. Can you successfully save the world? 1 Two Pipes 3 Two Pipes 3 Two Pipes 3 is the third adventure of the slimy blob. You must collect colors to transform yourself in order to walk on various platforms. Have fun! 1 Parallel Levels Parallel Levels This platform game shows the two worlds. Control both sprites at the same time. In one world it may be safe, but in the other its not. So be careful! 1 Crimson Eve Crimson Eve In this point and click adventure game you will search for the man who killed your brother. You are out for revenge! But first you must find hints ... 1 Zombies Can't Jump Zombies Can't Jump Hi amigo! Fight against zombies in Zombies Cant Jump! Hordes of zombies are attacking you. Stack boxes and upgrade your weapons. Protect yoursel... 1 Back in Time Back in Time Dr. Robinson has invented a time machine. But during a test he suddenly found himself in the middle ages. What now?! Theres not even electricity! ... 5.3 Broken Dreams Broken Dreams Get this guy to his beloved wife. Sometimes your path is blocked, then its time to call out to your imaginary shadow friends! Good luck! 1 The Gentleman The Gentleman Walk through the world of this very classy platform game. You are walking as a gentleman with an umbrella and a hat. This online platform game has ... 1 Must Escape The Bakery Must Escape The Bakery You just went into your local bakery to buy some warm delicious muffins and donuts. But it seems that no one is here to help you. You decide to lea... 4.8

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Virtual Drum Set

Virtual Drum Set

5.4 3.480


Play some drums.


Use the mouse to play this game.

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