Anti Zombie Bunker Anti Zombie Bunker Can you shoot all the zombies from your zombie bunker? Use the turret to fire at the zombies. How long will you be able to survive? You can buy all... 4.2 Space Flash Arena 2 Space Flash Arena 2 Fly through the warp gate to begin each mission. Shoot the enemy drones and gunships. Can you hit them all as quickly as possible? Use the money yo... 4.6 Piano Tiles 2 Piano Tiles 2 Play Piano Tiles in classic mode or in scrolling arcade mode. Can you hit the black keys to play the piano. Make sure you dont miss and hit the wr... 5 Qubed: New Adventures Qubed: New Adventures Are you ready to help this little red square to complete all levels in this fun physics platform game? Your mission is transmit the red cube to the... 4.3 House of Fear: Revenge House of Fear: Revenge Escape the haunted house in this spooky point and click escape game. Do you dare to turn on the lights? Solve all mysteries, collect items and us... 4.1 Hot Air Balloon Search & Find Hot Air Balloon Search & Find You were finally in the sky for the hot air balloon festival. But after a while an unusual problem happened. Now you must find items to continue yo... 4.2 Together Together The pink and blue blocks have to reach the exits. In order to reach the exits they have to work together. Use WASD and the arrow keys to move them. 4.3 Gentle Gravity Gentle Gravity In this artistic game Gentle Gravity you have to jump from platform to platform and collect some coins along your way. 4.5 Inspector Blindson Inspector Blindson Inspector Blind is about to solve the mystery around the strange disappearance of an old nuclear power plant. Prepare yourself for an unexpected sc... 1 Ninja vs Zombies 2 Ninja vs Zombies 2 Combine acrobatic ninja skills and take it on against evil zombies! Throw shurikens and cut the zombies in pieces! Enjoy playing this awesome game ... 4.6 Horse Thief Horse Thief A simple game with music and horses. That is how you describe this game. You can play as many times are you like, but its meant to start the day. ... 4.6 Stick Run 2 Stick Run 2 Stickman is running! Reach the end of the game safely by running, jumping and climbing up walls. With your help Stickman can survive! 4.6 King's Game 2 Warlock King's Game 2 Warlock Defend your kingdom castle and fire your big gun at your neighboring king. Protect your fortune! 4.7 Jewel Match 3 Jewel Match 3 Break the curse that rest on the Castle of Nevernear in Jewel Match 3. An exciting bejweled game. Make combinations of 3 jewels. Clear the area bef... 4.8 Amusix Violin Amusix Violin Transform your keyboard into a violin and turn your computer into a musical instrument with this fun musical game Amusix Violin! Discover the music... 5

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Virtual Drum Set

Virtual Drum Set

4.4 3.493


Play some drums.


Use the mouse to play this game.

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