NoteWars 2 NoteWars 2 NoteWars is back with a more extensive game. In this game all the levels and menu items look like they have been drawn in a notebook with coloured ... 4.2 Plan 99 Plan 99 How good is your aim? This game will test that for you. On this blueprint grid you will find a white line that will take on all kinds of curves and... 4.2 Dungeon Sweeper Dungeon Sweeper This is a fun minesweeper game set in a dungeon! Click on the stones, crates, and tiles to find out what lies beneath: blank space, treasure, or a ... 4.2 Helmet Bombers 2 Helmet Bombers 2 Shoot down all the men. Some are hard to get to so be inventive! 3.8 Interlocked Interlocked The pieces of the block are locked together. Can you pull them apart? Slide all the pieces into place and see what sections you can pull free. Can ... 4.2 2 Ways 2 Ways Drive the two cars down the road and try to grab the stars and dodge the road blocks. You have to drive both cars at the same time, so stay very fo... 4.2 Honing Konijn Honing Konijn Fly in the hot air balloon with the bunny. Can you collect honey to give to the Easter fairy? Try to break the eggs to win bonus items, collect the... 4.1 My Christmas Tree My Christmas Tree Are you ready to celebrate the Christmas? You need to set your christmas tree first. Lets find the missing ornaments and complete your Christmas t... 1 Kick The Critter Kick The Critter Here we go again! it is time to kick some critters through the air! Give them a good kick and try to reach the ark! Enjoy playing Kick The Critter! 4.2 Timberman Timberman In Timberman you must chop the tree and avoid the branches. Timberman is an oldschool arcade style casual game. You play as a Timberman, chop wood ... 4.2 Fragile Hero Fragile Hero Find ways to destroy the hero in each level of this game! Remove blocks to let the donut roll. 4.1 Papa's Donuteria Papa's Donuteria Take orders in Papas Donuteria and start making donuts! You will make all kinds of donuts. The most popular donut is the regular ring shaped donut... 4.6 Treehouse Hero Treehouse Hero Treehouse Hero is a game that combines Peggle with a defense game. Fling your cute rodent hero in order to defeat monsters. Collect goodies and ext... 4.2 Pou Tooth Problems Pou Tooth Problems Pou has a serious problem with his teeth. He ate too much candy, and it shows! Play as his dentist and clean his teeth. 4.1 Joy Stacker Joy Stacker Of course you are no longer a child that plays with blocks. But this game is all but childish! Stack different shaped blocks and watch out for the ... 4.3

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Try to shoot this supersonic wonder rocket high into the sky. And don't forget about the upgrades!


Play this game with your keyboard.

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