One Million Skeletons One Million Skeletons Are you ready to face a million skeletons? Do serious damage by clicking on them but make sure to invest in your forces. Protect your knight, your ... 4.8 Dungeon Sweeper Dungeon Sweeper This is a fun minesweeper game set in a dungeon! Click on the stones, crates, and tiles to find out what lies beneath: blank space, treasure, or a ... 5.3 Jetpack Joyride Jetpack Joyride Can you dodge all the robots, mines, and lasers with your bagpipe player? Collect the coins and try to win free spins in the bonus game. You can up... 6.1 Help Papa Rob Help Papa Rob Someone has broken into Daddy Robs lab and broken all of his inventions into pieces. Can you help Rob the inventor put them back together again? C... 1 Circle Circle Try to move the circle around the line. Dont let it touch the line though! This will become increasingly difficult, since the line will have more ... 5.2 Super Santa Rush Super Santa Rush Santa is out delivering presents. Because it is Christmas time! In this game youll help Santa Claus by guiding him and his reindeers over de rooft... 1 Mad Burger 3 Mad Burger 3 Finally, the long awaited third episode of the fun physics-based distance game has arrived: Mad Burger 3! Join the Wild West and help the chef to m... 1 Counterstrike Combat Strike Counterstrike Combat Strike Play Counterstrike in your browser. Compete against real players in this online counterstrike multiplayer game. 5.6 Wanna Oranges? Wanna Oranges? This cute panda loves to eat oranges! Help him get these by solving different puzzles. Have fun! 4.7 Cotton Step Cotton Step Get the character to the heart. Beware of your limited moves. Good luck! 1 Gold Miner Mobile Gold Miner Mobile In Gold Miner Mobile you must dig up the gold. Use the machine to grab gold. Watch out for the rocks. 5 Wonder Soup Wonder Soup What for Wonder Soup are you cooking today? Of course youll need some fresh tomatos! Remove blocks to get them inside the cauldron. Bon appetit! 5.8 Armed To The Teeth Armed To The Teeth The Viking has been caught by a tornado and when he landed all his clothes were gone... Now you must help the naked Viking find his clothes by remo... 5.6 Nuclear Eagle Nuclear Eagle Your baby birds are starving. Feed them quickly with their favorite meal.. humans. Hunt down humans and drag them to the nest. Of course you will b... 1 Team of Robbers Team of Robbers Play as one of the thiefs in this team of robbers game. Each thief has his abilities and you have to use them wisely. The thief can pick locks, t... 1

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Try to shoot this supersonic wonder rocket high into the sky. And don't forget about the upgrades!


Play this game with your keyboard.

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