Skater Dude Skater Dude Skate across the street and try to collect as many cans of spray paint as you can. Watch out that you don’t hit any obstacles littering the road. I... 3.9 Down The Hill Down The Hill Try to get down the hill on your bike as fast as you can. Watch out, because the hill is crumbling behind you as you go, so you must not stand stil... 4.2 Hero Clicker Hero Clicker Go on an adventure with your hero and defeat as many monsters as you can. Once you have taken too much damage, head back to the camp to recharge. H... 4.2 Saga of Craigen: Stones of Thum Saga of Craigen: Stones of Thum 4 My Dolphin Show 8 My Dolphin Show 8 Jump out of the water with the dolphin, hit the beach balls, break through the ice, and jump through the loops. That audience will give you points ... 4.6 Mystical Birdlink Mystical Birdlink Can you free all the magical birds by connecting the bird tiles in this nikakudori game? Connect two identical tiles with a line. The line may only... 4.1 Tetroid 2 Tetroid 2 Can you fit the blocks into the grid? You will get three blocks at a time, and you have to try to make them all fit. Make full rows and columns to ... 4.2 Bug Match Bug Match Try to make bejewelled combinations of three of more bugs in this match-3 insects game. Can you clear away all the darkened tiles by making combina... 4.1 Robot Snow Tiger Robot Snow Tiger Build you own robot tiger. Put all the pieces in the right place until the robot snow tiger is done. After that, you can use the tiger to destroy p... 4.3 Hot Scatter Hot Scatter Spin the reels in this five-reel online slots game with a classic set of fruit icons and Lucky 7s. You can select up to 10 different win lines in t... Thunderfist Thunderfist Spin the five reels and score the winning combinations along any of the 25 paylines in this slot machine game full of ninjas, samurai, and martial... 1 Goodgame Poker Goodgame Poker If youre good at playing poker then youll love this: Goodgame Poker is here! Before you start making bets and winning hands, you can choose and ... 4.3 Mystery Temple Mystery Temple Mystery Temple is a great puzzle game with both match-3 and sliding blocks mechanics. Your mission is to place gemstones of different colors that m... 4 Creature of the Black Lagoon Creature of the Black Lagoon Enjoy this fun slot machine game based on the classic horror movie The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Can you collect the most valuable symbols,... Bubble Meadow 2 Bubble Meadow 2 Get rid of all bubbles in this bubbleshooter game Bubble Meadow 2! A beautiful bubble shooter game. You must shoot the bubbles strategically to max... 4.1

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Zuma 2

Zuma 2

4.2 230


Shoot the coloured balls next to others of identical colour and try and get 3 or more in a row! Play all levels!


Use the mouse to play this game.
Click on the glowing doorway at the bottom of the menu screen, then click on the Japanese characters in the GREEN square to start the game.

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