After countless millenia of imprisonment in a long forgotten tomb the lord of the undead is finally freed by careless grave robbers. The world is about to change forever….

Armed with a flail and an arsenal of spells and combat moves your ultimate goal is to collect ancient artifacts which are needed to open a portal to the realm of the dead.
These artifacts are guarded by the kings of Gonia. There are 8 kings each belonging to a different race of enemies.


SOUND/MUSIC/QUALITY: Click the Menu button when playing a level to change the settings. Movement : Arrow Keys or W,A,D, S Attack: Space or U Block: Shift or I ( Enemies attacking you from behind won’t be blocked ) Spells: Number keys or Numpad. Hold ‘down’ to cast the fireball spell less steep or down, if jumping. Combat Moves: First you will need to learn the combat move after leveling. The key combination needed is written in the description of the combat move. Charge: Forward + Forward + Attack Jump: Forward + Down + Attack use the left/right keys to steer in flight Teleport: Forward + Forward + Block Stun attack: Forward + Backward + Attack Slam bomb: Down + Down + Attack use the left/right keys to steer in flight Slam bomb also works when jumping. IMPORTANT: You can make combos by rapidly using combat moves. Press the key combination for the next combat move BEFORE the first one is finished. This combat move is then queued. You will receive damage bonus to your combat moves and extra experience if you are able to create longer combos. Quality, Sound and Music: Click on the menu button on the upper left of the screen. You will find all the settings there! If you think the game is too easy try the hard and insane mode. You will also receive much more experience, more attribute and skill points!