Astronaut Golf

Astronaut Golf



A rogue meteor embarked on a deadly path hit and destroyed the only fully-manned station in space - spilling its contents, man and machine all over the galaxy. Now, you have been sent on a very important rescue mission. Duty calls to save your comrades, scattered near and far, in the depths of the Milky Way. Bring them back home – your fellow astronauts are depending on you! Navigate your rocket through the deviously beautiful Milky Way, using the planets’ gravitational pull to keep your rocket on route to your target. Use just the right amount of power and angle to make the journey a success. Play 30 levels of high octane space adventure. And if that doesn’t pump up your adrenaline, create your own challenging levels or just share and load your friends’ creations. So what are you waiting for? Hop on, enjoy the ride!


You play this game with the arrow keys and mouse.