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Box Head

Check out our website and play the best Box Head gamesavailable online, such as Box Head 2 Play, Boxhead: The Nightmare, and many other fun zombie shooter games! In the games from the original BoxHead zombies series each level sends a new horde of hungry zombies your way. Their heads are block-shaped, like little boxes. Can you blast them all to pieces with your gun? Run away so that they cannot grab ahold of you. If they catch you, they will bite you to death and you'll become a Boxhead zombie as well! Grab the power-ups and buy upgrades using the points you earn while playing. How long can you survive the zombie attack in these exciting Box Head games? In this overview you will also find lots of other zombie shooter games in which you have to slaughter all the zombies. Play the best Boxhead and other zombie buster games for free here at!