Boxing games


Boxing games

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Step into the ring with our collection of online boxing games. Choose your opponent and throw as many punches as you can to knock them out. Will you rely primarily on speed and technique, or do you prefer to plough through your opponents with heavy, powerful punches? Play a realistic 3D boxing match in which you have to keep an eye on your stamina as well, or unleash a flurry of attacks in a crazy celebrity boxing match. Looking for more martial arts games? Check out our wrestling and fighting pages, too!

Boxing, a short history

Boxing has been a popular sport throughout many cultures, modern and ancient. However, the modern version of the sport evolved from bare-knuckle prizefighting in 16th and 18th century Britain. Originally, these fist-fighting matches were pretty thin on rules. Opponents could bite, kick, and headbutt each other, spit or scratch each other in the eyes, and there was no referee to stop the match when a fighter fell and was unable to get up. It’s no surprise perhaps that a death in the boxing ring was not that uncommon.

The introduction of boxing rules

Boxing rules were introduced not so much to make the sport fairer, but primarily to keep participants from dying! The first official rules were introduced by boxing champion Jack Broughton in 1743, including a 30-second count and prohibiting fighters from continuing to strike an opponent when down. For over a century, various revisions and competing sets of rules followed. However, in 1867, the Welsh sportsman John Chambers drafted the Queensberry rules, a set of rules named after the 9th Marquess of Queensberry, which have generally continued to govern the sport.

How to play boxing games

With our rules in place, it’s time to lace up your boxing gloves and get warmed up. Pick a game and choose your corner. Win by knocking your opponent out or by scoring more points. If your opponent is still down after 10 seconds, you win. However, if your character is KO, you lose. For more sports games, check out our sports games pages!