Castle Defend games


Castle Defend

Play the best Catsle Defend games via our website. In these fun strategy games you must fight all kinds of battles to defend your castle or tower against enemy invaders. Shoot down the enemy forces with arrows or magic weapons as they make their way toward your castle walls. You can also send out an army of your own to meet them. Can you make sure the enemy stronghold is destroyed before your opponents manage to tear down the walls of your own castle? Make strategic decisions to lend maximum strength to your army. In these castle defend games the ultimate goal is to keep your castle from being destroyed by your attackers. Risk it all to keep them from reaching your castle gates. Bombard them from the heights of your castle walls and help your army force the enemies to retreat. Sometimes they'll come at your castle from both sides! Try to keep your castle standing for as long as you can! You may even have an opportunity to upgrade weapons and reinforce the castle defences between levels, so make good use of those chances! Have fun playing great castle defense games such as Defend the Castle 2 and Battle Gear! Enjoy!