Polar EscapePolar EscapeYou are trapped in a South Pole station. Try to escape as quickly as possible before your time is up. Search for clues to solve puzzles and use items ...4.1Alpinist EscapeAlpinist EscapeAlpinist Escape is a great point and click room escape game that you will enjoy playing. Your climber friends made you a joke and now you are closed i...6Sherlock HolmesSherlock HolmesHelp Sherlock Holmes to determine who's the murderer of Mr. T, the owner of the local tea shop. Dig through all the evidence and show who's the perpet...6Christmas Toy RoomChristmas Toy RoomCan you search the Christmas toy room and find all the clues? Use the clues sprinkled through the room to solve all the codebreaker puzzles and collec...6The VisitorThe VisitorThanks to the reactions and enthusiasm of part 2 last week, here is part 1! Same principle, find your way through the game to help the visitor... 8Hidden Objects Pirate TreasureHidden Objects Pirate TreasureCan you help the pirate go on an adventure to reclaim his honour. Travel to the dangerous island and collect the treasure. On the way there you will h...6Bart Simpson Saw GameBart Simpson Saw GameMean Pigsaw has trapped Bart Simpson in his very own school with some of the most evil characters of Springfield.Help him to find a way out before it'...8Honeymoon in ItalyHoneymoon in ItalyA young couple has just married and are now on their honeymoon in Italy. They see so many Italian items. In this romantic puzzle game you must find al...8BoohbahBoohbahDiscover the colorful world of Boohbah! 4.1CavernCavernYou are exploring an ancient cave. You found a lot of interesting things, but there is a problem. The exit is blocked by large rocks! Try to find anot...6


In this point and click adventure game you play as Kara, a secret agent that wants to overthrow the enemy regime. Click on various objects in this game, and use them to interact with the environment.