Age of WarAge of WarYour goal is to survive and destroy the enemy base. The game is divided in five ages. To move to the next age, you need xp points. To gain these point...8Virtual VillagersVirtual VillagersHelp the inhabitants of this island to survive by fishing, creating farms, educating the children, etc. 8Cavemen BattleCavemen BattleIn this game, you start at the cavemen's age, then evolve! There are a total of 5 ages, each with its own units and turrets. Take control of 16 differ...8Swords and Sandals 2Swords and Sandals 2Your ultimate goal is to help the gladiator battle his way to fame and fortune. Defeat all the arena champions and reign as a champion yourself. If yo...810661066Go to war in the medieval battle game 1066. Arrange and command your forces and defeat enemies in this well made and elaborated strategy game. 8Lucky Tower 2Lucky Tower 2Guess who's back! It's the brave knight 'Von Wanst'! Walk, talk, puzzle and fight your way through the funny sequel of Lucky Tower! Pull on your armor...8Royal WarfareRoyal WarfareWhen suddenly peaceful zombies and skeletons turned into merciless warriors, a great war raged over the kingdom. In this strategy game you must train ...8Sword and Sandals UltraSword and Sandals UltraPlay part 4 of the Swords and Sandals version and be the best gladiator! 8Feudalism 3Feudalism 3Feudalism 3 is here! Five factions are fighting in a bloody war. Only one can win. Which will it be? Which faction will you join in Feudalism 3 to tak...8Sonny 2Sonny 2Sonny 2 is an awesome mix of action, adventure and RPG. Defeat enemies in turn-based fights and upgrade your hero and his skills. 6.7


'Diablo' is an isometric fantasy RPG action adventure game.

Use the mouse to move your hero, but also to talk to people and to fight against enemies.