Islandoom is a thrilling naval MMO game in which you can explore a maritime world made up of small islands divided over four nations. At the heart of this world lies a closely guarded fortress, which holds the empty throne of the maritime world of Islandoom. Your objective is to ascend to that throne. Join one of four island nations on the basis of your preferred war strategies. Join Furium - nation of fire-power and aggression, Armun - nation of fortified embankments and strong defensive responses, Divitos - nation of trade and economic expansion, or Medius - nation of the steady course. Each nation possesses unique technologies and military training priorities. Build a powerful fleet, explore and conquer NPC islands, and fight other players in challenging PvP duels. You can work together with friends and allies to gather so-called alliance islands. Here you can pool your resources, speeding up your island nation's production and battle capacities. Collect items through seafaring, trade, and battle. Unlock 50 ships and 20 types of buildings, become the most powerful naval force, and take the island fortress!


Use your mouse to play