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On this page, we’ve collected the best Lego games for you to play for free online. Lego is the largest toy company in the world, and they are best-known for their brightly colored bricks. You can stack up these interlocking plastic bricks and click them together to build anything you like, from planes and robots to entire cities. We’ve also got a number of great adventure games based on Lego series. Brace yourself for a Nindroid attack with the heroes of Ninjago, explore the world of Lego Star Wars, or go to a Lego pool party in Heartlake City.

LEGO games: Ninjago series

Are you a big fan of Lego’s Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu playsets and series? In our collection of Lego Ninjago games, you can join Master Wu’s students Jay, Cole, Nya, Zane, Kai and Lloyd as they take on Lord Garmadon, Master Chen, and the assorted factions of evil that roam the world of Ninjago. If you can’t get enough of ninjas, take a look at our ninja games, too!

LEGO games: building

While Lego has more recently branched out with various animated films and playsets such as the Lego Batman movie and Lego Star Wars, they will always be most famous for their trademark bricks. These construction toys allow you to build anything you like. You can find a number of Lego building games on this page, but for our full overview of building games be sure to check out this page as well.

LEGO: a short history

LEGO was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, and is based in Billund, Denmark. The brand name “lego” is a contraction of the Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”. Initially, the company produced various wooden toys, but in 1947 they began producing their famous bricks. Lego also produces larger interlocking blocks for younger children: Duplo.

LEGO theme parks: Legoland

Lego even has its own family theme parks that immerse visitors in the world of possibilities presented by Lego bricks. In Legoland, you can also find real-world builds of the various places invented by Lego, like Duplo Land, Heartlake City, Adventure Land, and of course Lego City.

Play LEGO games

Have a browse through our selection of Lego games and choose the titles you want to play. Build, take apart, and reassemble your bricks as many times as you like, and create your own worlds and adventures. Have fun playing!