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Math Games

Learn math skills with free online games

Our math games combine logic puzzles and gaming fun. Are you a star at Math or could you use a little help honing your math skills? Many people find math a difficult subject in school, and dread tests and exams. Other people really love completing practice sums and solving mathematical puzzles. On this page, you’ll find an overview of games that are entertaining for everyone. Learn how to subtract, add, divide, and multiply quickly and without using a calculator!

Logic Puzzles

Mathematics is the study of numbers, space, structure, and change. It spans a lot of different disciplines, including algebra, geometry, and number theory. Broadly speaking, mathematics allows us to discover patterns, create and test systems, and make predictions about things. Calculations can be very directly related to real-life situations, for instance in engineering to ensure that machines work and bridges and tunnels don’t collapse. However, math can also be purely about the intellectual challenge of solving abstract problems and logic puzzles. If you love looking for patterns and problem-solving, why not check out our puzzle games overview here.

Practice with Cool Math

We’ve collected our best arithmetic games on this page, including some “Cool Math” titles. Cool Math is a games publisher focused on gamifying mathematical puzzle games and sums to make the subject more fun. Educational games like Quick Math and Speed Math will help you become quicker and more accurate when it comes to calculating numbers.

Math games and other school skills

If you want to practice more skills related to school subjects aside from math, we also offer a great selection of educative topography games to boost your knowledge of countries, capitals, and landmarks all around the world. Or expand your vocabulary and thinking skills with our challenging word games. We’ve got plenty of free games on offer, so have a look around and see what else you want to learn!