HexxagonHexxagonPlay this hexagon game. 8Sudoku Classic 1Sudoku Classic 1Play a classic sudoku game and fill in all the blank cells. Look carefully at the numbers already given. The harder the game mode you choose, the fewe...4.1FunGamePlay SudokuFunGamePlay SudokuPlay a fun game of sudoku. Fill the numbers 1-9 in the grid. You must avoid duplicate numbers in the rows, columns, and the 9-tile squares. Can you fi...6Super SudokuSuper SudokuPlay a fun sudoku game and solve the puzzles. Fill in the numbers from 1 to 9 in the little squares. Choose any number between 1 and 9. The one import...6Tic Tac LogicTic Tac LogicAlso known as Tic-Tac, Binairo, Binoxxo and Takuzu. You have to fill up all squares with X's and O's but there cannot be two consecutive X's or O's in...6Skyscrapers Light PuzzleSkyscrapers Light PuzzleThe object is to place a skyscraper in each square so that no two skyscrapers in a row or column have the same number of floors. In addition, the numb...6Sudoku DeluxeSudoku DeluxeFill in all the missing numbers on the wooden sudoku board. Look carefully at the numbers already given at the start of the game. Using the knowledge ...6Conceptis Hitori LightConceptis Hitori LightEach puzzle consists of a square grid with numbers appearing in all squares. The goal of the game is to shade numbers so that they don't appear in a r...8Quick SudokuQuick SudokuFill in the numbers 1-9 in this fun sudoku game. Look carefully at the numbers already present in the sudoku grid. Can you figure out which numbers be...4Sudoku ClassicSudoku ClassicFill the 9x9 grid with the numbers 1-9 in this fun number puzzle sudoku game. Each column, row and 3x3 block can only contain each number from 1 to 9 ...6


Remove pegs from the board by jumping over each peg with another peg.


Left mouse button = click and drag a peg