Jetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideCan you dodge all the robots, mines, and lasers with your bagpipe player? Collect the coins and try to win free spins in the bonus game. You can upgra...6.8Air FightAir FightAir Fight - Dive and recover with your flying ace in this free online flying and shooting game!6.7Air Force FightAir Force FightPlay Air Force Fight for free and online and show your enemies what a victory in the sky should look like! Complete missions and take down your enemie...9Abduction!Abduction!Take control of a flying saucer and abduct the earthlings to turn them into a tasty snack for this cute aliens! 8Tu-95Tu-95Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot and flying a plane? This super game is on your screens now for make your dreams come true! Your mission in t...6SkyfightersSkyfightersYour mission is to shoot down all enemy planes in order to protect the medical plane. Upgrade your guns and unlock new defenses while you fly through ...8Bomber at War 2Bomber at War 2Fly through the air and make is safe (or unsafe) with your own F16 aircraft. Defend yourself against tough enemies and shoot bullets, throw bombs and ...8Space Invaders 2Space Invaders 2Play this classic arcade now! Blast the invaders back where they came from and hide from danger when needed! 8TU UnleashedTU UnleashedThis game is the sequel to the TU 46 and TU 95. Fly several aircrafts and transport passengers from one island to another. Upgrade your plane and buy ...8SpectSpectFly through space and try to shoot all the other space ships. Make sure you don't get hit by the debris either. Can you shoot all your opponents and d...6.1


Aliens are attacking the Galaxy! Defend yourself by gunning them down with your spaceship. Their army is very powerful, but not powerful enough to defeat you! Save the universe!