screenshot walkthroughWatersplash Walkthrough


Play the awesome social match-3 game Watersplash and compete with other players to pop as many water balloons as you can. In each match-3 puzzle level, you must pop the balloons and make the water spill onto the tiles. Make the balloons swap places to create rows and columns of three or more identical ones. In the initial stages of the game, you must splash water across all of the tiles to complete each puzzle. Use larger 4-balloon or 5-balloon matches to gather up powerful bonus balloons that can clear entire rows and columns, or pop all the balloons of a color of your choice. You can earn additional bonuses by collecting as many stars as you can. Additional game objectives will pop up as you progress through the level map. Soak off the ropes, rescue the rubber duckies, and much more. Since this is a social game, you can see where on the map your social media friends and fellow players are, and compete with them for the top score. Enjoy this super cute match-3 adventure with a bright and cheerful design!

Use your mouse to play