screenshot walkthroughChristmas Hurly Burly Walkthrough


Christmas Hurly Burly is a fun nonogram game full of pleasant Picross puzzles to sink your teeth into. Can you figure out where to place all the presents? For each mistake, you'll lose a heart, but don't worry! As long as you count the cells properly and look carefully at the numbers listed along the top and side of the grid, you'll be able to solve each puzzle without having to rely on guesswork. Each number indicates a sequence of presents. When two or more numbers are listed above a column, the sequences will be separated from each other by at least one empty cell. Sometimes this will be enough to show you where each present should go. For instance, if the numbers listed above an eight-cell column are "5, 2", there's only one way you can position the tiles. For other columns, you'll have to consult the corresponding numbers listed in front of each row to figure out where the presents fit. Can you figure out each Griddler puzzle? They'll get tougher as you go. Good luck!

Use your mouse to play