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Zombie Games

Play the best and the scariest zombie games on our website. Here, you can play all the most exciting and gruesome zombie games entirely for free! In these zombie game the end of the world is close at hand. A strange virus has turned almost all of the population into a bloodthirsty zombie! They're all coming for you, one of the last survivors, because zombies eat human brains! Once a zombie has bitten you to death you too will become a mindless, disgusting zombie!
Zombie also look really nasty! Their skin has gone green or greyish, and their bodies are covered in all kinds of terrible cuts and holes, and oozing wounds. Fortunately, because they are so broken and disfigured, these undead horrors can't move that quickly. The most effective way to kill zombies is to shoot them in the head. Can you kill all the zombies with a skillful headshot before they grab and kill you?
In zombie games you often have to travel through a deserted ghost town and collect ammunition, food, and other important supplies to stay alive. You are often all alone. Can you find other survivors and form a small group of survivors to fight off the zombie menace? Can you band together and survive the Zombie Apocalypse for as long at it takes for the army to rescue you?
In some other zombie games you can build your own hideout to keep the zombies at a distance. Use the daytime to build and reinforce your hideout. At night, the zombies attack. They'll claw at the doors, scratch at the walls, and try to break the windows to get in. Choose a good spot to lay in wait and use your gun to pick off the zombies before they manage to destroy your defences and force their way in.
We've searched the internet for all the best online zombie games and have collected them all here for you to play. Play the best horror genre zombie games online! All our zombie games are completely free to play! Have fun!