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Zombie Games

Gruesome zombie games to play for free online

Experience the horror and gruesome thrills of the best free zombie games available online! In these zombie games you have to survive a zombie Apocalypse that wipes out almost every human being in the city or even the whole country. Search for food, weapons, ammunition, and other survivors. You will have to find a base and reinforce it by day to protect yourself from the zombies that appear at night. When civilization falls, will you be able to survive the legion of the living dead? Shoot the zombies in a number of thrilling 3D first-person shooter games, tower defence, strategy, RPG, and escape games!

Where do zombie survival games come from?

Unlike some of the other famous favorites of the horror genre, such as vampires and ghosts, zombies are undead creatures that have entirely taken leave of their senses. The modern zombie can be traced back to Haitian folklore, in which the zombie is a soul or physical body enslaved by a sorcerer or witch. The zombie would have to serve its master as a living corpse with no will or mind of its own and no regard for the body. In contemporary Western zombie stories, Voodoo magic is often replaced with some sort of scientific accident that causes humans to be infected with a zombie virus. The 1968 cult classic Night of the Living Dead combines the concept of the zombie created through mysterious radiation or pathogens with the evil flesh-eating ghouls of Arabic folklore to create the zombies we know today: reanimated corpses that eat human brains and infect other humans by biting or scratching them.

How to survive the zombie invasion

In The Night of the Living Dead, the protagonists barricade themselves in a house in an attempt to survive, which forms the basis of a lot of online zombie games. So after watching enough zombie movies you probably already know what to do: find weapons and a safe place to seek shelter. Make sure you have enough provisions, including medical supplies and food for nourishment, and ammunition, mines, and barbed wire to defend your base. Venture outside of your base to search your surroundings, and gun down any monsters you encounter. In some games, the zombies will lumber and crawl slowly as they are covered in gruesome wounds, but in other games the zombies are terrifying mutated creatures that can lunge at you with chilling speed. Try not to panic. You can team up with other players, or take on the zombie horde alone. Whatever type of zombie you encounter, a shot to the head is usually the most effective way to kill them.