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. Play these fun games now in your browser window! Platform games first came about at the start of the 1980s, and started out as simple side-scrolling games. The genre quickly amassed immense popularity, and by 1983 they became known as platform games,


, or jumping puzzles. Playing platform games was referred to as


. The objective in these games is to jump from one platform to the next to reach the end of each level. Along the way you can pick up items like coins or stars. Make sure you don't miss a jump and fall down or land on a trap. Common traps in platform games include platforms that crumble when you stand on them, blinking platforms that appear and disappear, and endlessly deep gaps in the road. Other deadly obstacles you may have to avoid include patrolling enemies, fire, pools of water, poison, and lava, and the infamous metal spikes! Make sure you don't miss any essential jumps with your main character and try to make it to the end of each level! Have fun playing these great