Dynamons 2Dynamons 2Dynamon 2 is a fun pet battle game based on the popular Pokemon anime. Choose your own starter Dynamon: plant-type Quacko, water-type Pengoo, or fire-...7.5Paint HitPaint HitPaint Hit - Splatter the spinning rings with paintballs, but hit only the colorless segments in this free online skill game!6.8Color SwitchColor SwitchThese shapes consist of three or four colors. You may think this looks nice but this may change when you need escort a colored ball throughout these s...7.5Flip BottleFlip BottleEnjoy Flip Bottle online at Keygames and play for free! Flip the bottle and land on the furniture. Hit each platform and make it to the finish.8Among Us OnlineAmong Us OnlineEnjoy Among Us Online for free online at Keygames. Run and dodge the obstacles with your gang of brightly costumed deep space heroes. How far will you...8.3Jetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideCan you dodge all the robots, mines, and lasers with your bagpipe player? Collect the coins and try to win free spins in the bonus game. You can upgra...6.4Stickman SwingStickman SwingTap or click in Stickman Swing and grab the hooks. Swing forward until you reach the finish line in the more than 60 challenging levels of this free g...7.7Kogama: Escape from PrisonKogama: Escape from PrisonEscape from prison is this awesome new 3D Kogama level. Explore your surroundings and find a way out!8.7Vex 5Vex 5Enjoy Vex 5 for free online at Keygames. This skill-based platform action series is back with a new adventure filled with even more lethal challenges.8.9Punch ManPunch ManPlay the ninja-themed action game Punch Man for free online! Use your deadly kicks and punches to defeat the army of demons. Survive the demonic assau...7.8


Explore a whole new Vex map with Vex 4, a new installment in the Vex platform adventure series! Leap clear of the buzz saws, spikes, and flying darts as you help your stickman reach the checkpoints and the green portal at the end of each level. Climb platforms by scaling the walls, bounce across the orange boxes, and sail down the zip lines. Cling to the edge of platforms and wait until the right moment to clear the laser beams and moving saws blocking the stretch ahead. Swim through the water and find your way to the surface before you run out of breath. In each level, there are speed challenges and other additional objectives to complete for a 100% achievement score. If you can attain these, you can unlock the level at maximum difficulty! Or play the ever-expanding Challenge Level, a level that grows progressively longer and more complicated but features no checkpoints!


Run and jump
Press while jumping to smash through ice or kick crates