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On this page, you’ll find our collection of online golf games. We’ve gathered a collection of realistic golfing games as well as mini-golf games set on fancifully designed mini-greens full of gems, coins, and magic portals. Set up at the teeing ground and get ready to play! Swing the club and whack the ball across the green. Try to get as close to the hole as you can and finish all 18 holes using as few swings as possible. For more, don’t forget to check out our full collection of sports games here!

Golf: an ancient sport

Games in which you have to use a club or stick to hit a ball across a field have been around for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians, played a stick-and-ball game involving a large ball and a ring. 14th century scrolls from China show images of a game involving a club, a small ball, and a hole. In the 15th century, a game we can recognize as golf made its way to Europe. We know this because of a written ban on golf issued in 1457 by King James II of Scotland. The King was worried that young men would spend too much time playing golf instead of learning military skills. (This ban was lifted in 1502.) The world’s oldest modern golf green is the Old Course at St Andrews, a coastal town in Fife, Scotland. Here, the first 18-hole course was created in 1764. The course itself is around 200 years older than that, but it had 22 holes instead of 18.

How to play golfing games

A golf course usually consists of a number of elements that can be arranged in various ways. You start your play at the teeing ground or tee-box, where you take your first swing. The grassy area between the teeing area and the putting green is called the fairway. The fairway covers the largest stretch of the course and is surrounded by rough borders such as high grass and trees. This area also contains other hazards that will make it hard to retrieve your ball, such as ponds, streams, and sandy bunkers. The closely mown grass surrounding the hole is called the putting green. This is where you take the precision shot that will hopefully knock the ball into the cup.

Challenge your golfing skills!

Play our collection of fun golf games here and see if you have the skill to score a hole-in-one. Don’t forget to check out our collection of entertaining mini golf games as well! Have fun playing!