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At Keygames, we have a great collection of single player and multiplayer Snake games for you to enjoy. Snake is a popular agility game in which you control a little snake. In the classic version of the game, you have to make your way through a maze or open field while collecting as many pips as you can. With every pip you eat, your snake will grow a little bit longer. This makes navigating the available area increasingly difficult, since you're not allowed to touch the walls or your own tail. This type of game most closely resembles the classic Snake game popularized as preloaded entertainment on the older Nokia mobile phones. If you love skill-based games like this, check out our full overview of awesome Agility games, too!

Multiplayer snake games

Classic Snake games emerged in the late 70s, and were popular until well into the 80s. After that, the popularity of Snake dwindled until the game made its mobile phone comeback at the close of the 1990s. More recently, .io multiplayer versions of the game have become very popular online. In these games, you still collect pips to grow bigger, but you also have to take on other players. You can try to trap your opponents by cutting them off and eating them to steal their energy. A good example is the game Happy Snakes. If you enjoy this type of competitive challenge, check out our full catalogue of Dot IO games for more!

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Enough reading, let’s start playing! Browse our games catalogue and select a game you like. How long can you loop through the levels without getting tangled up or eaten by another player? Don’t worry, you can always respawn and try again. Have fun!