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Cooking Games

Play the best cooking games for kids

Hone your culinary skills and become a master chef with our selection of fun cooking games for girls and boys. Kids can learn their way around the kitchen with these fun games, and gain a basic understanding of food preparation and healthy recipes, including a number of tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes. Our fun kitchen games will familiarize children with the names and safe usage of all the basic kitchen utensils needed to prepare fish, meat, vegetables, and baked treats. In these entertaining games there'll never be any risk of burning your fingers, and cleaning up is never an issue!

Learn to cook with our fun cooking games for girls and boys

Cook delicious meals from all over the world. Our range of cooking games covers international cuisine from around the globe. Learn how to prepare spectacular sushi rolls, find out more about the spices and flavours of Indian cuisine and the Thai kitchen, or prepare meals for big groups of customers in one of our many catering and restaurant management games. Cook at your own speed in our classic cooking games (which often include a printable version of the recipe to try at home in your own kitchen), or find out what it takes to run a chain of restaurants in exciting time-management games like the Delicious series starring professional caterer Emily and her family and friends. Browse the sidebar to explore all of our related cooking game categories and find your new favorites!

Free cooking games all about the sweetest desserts!

Your cooking experience isn't complete without a course in pastries and desserts. These sweet after-dinner treats are everyone's favourite part of any meal. Try your hand at cupcakes, fruit pies, cookies, brownies, wedding cakes, light French pastries and mighty Italian desserts. In our collection of mouth-watering baking games, you'll learn how to prepare the most amazing puddings and spectacular sweets. Move over, ready-made cake-mix, we're going to make it from scratch! Flour, eggs, butter, sugar, cocoa, and all the other essentials. These recipes are great fun to try at home with your friends and parents!