Reaction games


Reaction Games

In our different

reaction games

your reaction time will be tested to the max! You have to react quickly and watch out for whatever comes your way. Stay focused and click quickly or hit the right keys to respond.

Online reaction games

are not just about jumping and dodging. There are all kinds of different reaction games. There are reaction games in which evasion and dodging is the objective of the game, but guitar hero games equally belong to the reaction games genre, because you have to react quickly to the key prompts that float into view.
Shred and play like a real guitar maniac in one of our many

Super Crazy Guitar

games, like Crazy Guitar Maniac 3. In this guitar maniac game you have to try to play the songs as best you can by hitting the right keys, just like in Guitar Hero.
Play all the free online reaction games you could ever wish for right here! Have fun testing your reaction speed!