Soccer games


Soccer Games

Play online soccer games for free at Keygames

At Keygames, you’ll find a huge collection of online soccer games to play for free. Are you the next Christiano Ronaldo? Kick the ball past the goalie and score as many points as you can to win each match. We’ve got a number of exciting penalty games in which you can take shots at the goal in the deciding moments of the competition. Or lead your team to victory in our euro football games and win the international championship! For more sports games you can head to our sports page to view the full collection!

Soccer championship games

Soccer (or football in many countries) is a team sport played with two teams of 11 players each. FIFA, the International Federation of Association Football, is the highest governing body of the sport. They set the rules of soccer and organize large scale international tournaments including the prestigious World Cup. Did you know, however, that FIFA is also the governing body of futsal (indoor football) and beach football?

Popular soccer games: penalty shots and goalies

One of the most popular subcategories in our soccer games collection is the penalty shot game. In these games, you are the star player tasked with scoring the winning goals in the last moments of the match. If you’re at your best when you’re in charge of the defence, then put on your goalie’s gloves and take your place between the goal posts. Can you block each shot the opposing players take by catching or deflecting the ball?

Other online soccer games

If you’re not ready to commit to the professional leagues and soccer tournaments but just want to kick around the ball a little bit or practice skills and tricks, we also offer other football games aside from championship soccer simulators. There are soccer management games, keepie-uppie games in which you have to keep the ball from touching the floor, and fun sports crossover games. Play funny 1-on-1 matches with the Sports Heads series, or try to pass the ball to your teammates in the football pachinko crossover Flappy Footchinko. Have a browse and explore our collections. There’s lots to play, so let’s get started. It’s time for the kickoff!