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collected on our website. In these fun make-up games you can choose beautiful make-up for all kinds of models, from famous cartoon characters to real celebrities! Choose whose make-up you want to apply. In these games you have a great range of make-up to choose from. Start with some lotion to moisturise the skin, and apply some foundation. Make your model's lips look full and shiny with some lipstick or lipgloss. Choose a pretty colour for the eyeshadow, and add some mascara to make your model's eyes look absolutely striking. Maybe you can combine this beautiful eye make-up with some coloured lenses too? Make sure your model looks cute and healthy by applying some blush to her cheeks.
In some make-up games your models may have had a late night and need a little bit of extra work. Give them a little facial treatment before you start applying the make-up. Pluck their eyebrows to eliminate the monobrow and give their eyebrows a pretty arch. Zits and pimples can be treated with some scrub and some lotion. And the dark circles under their eyes can be alleviated with a quick face mask! Once you've freshened up your model you can get started on the make-up!
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! Have fun with all the make-up and the models in these great games! Help all your models apply the most gorgeous make-up ever!