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Make-Up Games

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In our make-up games, you can become the world’s best make-up artist. Grab your pencils, brushes, and blender sponges and practice the art of beautification on a variety of models. Experiment with eye shadow, glitter, mascara, and bold lipstick colors. The sky is the limit! For a wider selection of fashion transformation games, be sure to check out our makeover games and hairdressing games pages, too!

Make-up games: our collection

In this section, you can find a broad variety of make-up games. Choose a model and try out all kinds of cosmetic products, from primer to the finishing touch of blush. Not sure where to start? Read a bit more about the different types of games below.

Face make-up games

Our make-up games focus on changing the look of your models face by using cosmetics to highlight, contour, and draw focus away from or toward certain features such as the eyes, lips, or cheekbones. Pick a model. You can choose between celebrities, famous princesses, or customized models. You can style your models to look more like yourself or your friends. Prepare your model’s skin and apply some primer before you get started with your powder or liquid foundation. Then choose different eyebrow pencils, eyeshadow, mascara, lip gloss, and blush to create a wonderful new look.

Make-up and fancy dress

Not all make-up is for every day wear. Maybe you want to try a style that’s a little more extreme. In our fantasy make-up games, you can turn your models into fairy tale creatures, or help them get ready for a fantasy-themed ball or fancy dress party. From mermaids (use waterproof make-up!) to elves, you can really go all out with glitter, shimmer, and gorgeous accessories in these cosmetics games.

Make-up and nails

The make-up games you’ll find on this page are mostly focused on your model’s face. But sometimes you want to prettify your hands and toes as well, to complete the look. Matching your nails to the rest of the style you have chosen makes everything look really put-together. Check out our collection of nail painting games to experiment with polish and pictures in all kind of wonderful colors!