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Escape Games

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Escape games are a really popular genre of online game. The beginning is usually the same: you wake up in a strange room and it turns out that you've been locked in! Sometimes you'll have been locked up somewhere because of carelessness, for instance because you fell asleep at work. In other games, your friends may be playing a prank on you. And in some games you're locked up because you've been attacked and kidnapped by some sick creep! Either way, you have to escape as fast as possible!
Look around the room and find out where you are. Pull open any hatches, secret compartments, drawers, and cupboards to see if you can find any items you can use to escape. There must be something lying around that you can make use of! See if you can find any pieces of paper containing clues, or maybe there are some numbers or symbols scratched into the wall somewhere. There might be a padlock, or a locked computer that requires a code, and these hints can help you decipher that code!
Can you discover who locked you up and why? Play escape games! Some escape games are funny and silly, like Escaping Paris in which you have to help Paris Hilton escape from jail. Other escape games are mysterious and take place in a magical fantasy setting. Another set of escape games is super scary and definitely belongs to the horror genre! If this is what you’re into, why not check out the creepy escape game Cellar Door. Choose your favourite type of escape game to play and see if you can escape the room! Have fun playing!