screenshot walkthroughMaster Chess Walkthrough


Play Master Chess and practice playing chess against the computer, or test your strategies against other live players. Chess is a classic strategy board game for two players. On the front line, you will find your pawns. The row behind them is where your rooks, knights, bishops, and the king and queen start out. Move your pieces across the board and try to corner your opponent's king. Your objective is to capture the king by locking this piece in. Try to eliminate your opponent's most dangerous pieces and don't leave any openings for your opponent to exploit. If your king is under direct threat - this is called 'check' - the rules of the game state that you must act to protect the king. You can use defensive or offensive maneuvers to do so. 'Checkmate' means that the king is completely trapped: there is no single move that will be able to save the king. If you manage to checkmate your opponent, you've won the game!

Use your mouse to play