screenshot walkthroughMoto X3M Winter Walkthrough


Moto X3M Winter is a crazy Christmas trial race set on a dangerously icy track. Speed across the wobbly bridges made out of candy canes, dodge the falling hunks of metal, and use the explosions and rocket power-ups to launch your motorbike through the air. Will you be able to overcome all the dangerous obstacles and drive your bike across the finish line in this reckless race? Watch out for the icicles and the ice-coated spikes, jump over the ravines, and stay ahead of the falling hundredweights. Land your motorbike on both wheels after each jump and make sure your driver doesn't hit the deck face first. It'll be quite a challenge to keep your balance, but as long as you keep your engine roaring you might just make it to the finish.


Use arrow keys to drive
SpacePause / resume game