Refrigerator Rampage 1 Refrigerator Rampage 1 Try to dodge all the falling refrigerators with your stickman. As you play, power-ups will float down on little parachutes. Can you grab them for e... 4 Rope'n'Fly Rope'n'Fly Youre in a city full of tall buildings and youre falling from the sky. Throw a rope at the nearest building and sling through the air like Spider... 4.4 Castle Knight Castle Knight The beautiful princesss castle is under attack from strange creatures and she needs your, the brave knights help! Are you brave enough to save th... 4.4 Zombuddies Zombuddies Are you ready to stop zombies from invading your neighborhood? These two buddies need your help to fight off waves of zombies. You will control one... 4.5 Stick Blender Stick Blender Defend the blender against a giant wave of attacking stickmans. Throw them into the blender where they will be crushed into a bloody drink! Enjoy! 4.7 Ridiculous Glitching Ridiculous Glitching Dodge walls, ghosts and other obstacles while eating cherries and the famous Pac-Man pills. Prepare for a very addictive game that will drive you c... 4.3 New York Rex New York Rex Step into the shoes of a real Tyrannosaurus Rex and escape the cage in which you are stuck. Unleash your wrath on all human creatures and eat them ... 4.8 Rooftop Challenge Rooftop Challenge Always dreamed of running and jumping on rooftops? Thats very dangerous of course! But Stickman is not affraid. How far can you get? 4.2 Copy Shot Copy Shot Escape from the alien laboratory by copying blocks, ladders and many other objects. You must try to get the golden key to unlock the exit. Do you h... 4.5 Sift Heads Cartels Act 3 Sift Heads Cartels Act 3 The story of Vinnie continues in Sift Heads Cartels Act 3! His team takes revenge. But not everything goes as planned. Vinnie ends up in a dificult... 4.9 Stickman Freestyle BMX Stickman Freestyle BMX Stickman does some tricks on his brandnew BMX. Nothing is too dangerous for him, but he needs a little bit of your help. Use the keyboard to contro... 4.7 Spider Stickman Spider Stickman This Spider Stickman has the same abilities as Spiderman! Shoot a web and swing from platform to platform. How far can you get? 4.4 Heli vs Tower Heli vs Tower Defend yourself against this endless tower. Your helicopter is under attack by many guns, traps and stickmans. Shoot them down, grab power ups and ... 4.5 Dry Fire Reloaded Dry Fire Reloaded Stickman takes control of his giant cannon to annihilate evil stickmans with fire, air attacks and earthquakes. Go out with a blow in this awesome ... 4.5 Sticks vs Stone Sticks vs Stone Play as sniper assassin Stone, who hates Sticks. This is your last mission before your retirement. So make it the best! Hit the enemy multiple time... 4.4

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Xiao Xiao 3

Xiao Xiao 3

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You're on your way to a house. Many enemy fighters are waiting for you there and they'll fight to the death. Climb onto the house and fight the next batch of warrors.


Use the arrow keys to move.
Press X to kick around
Press C to kick an enemy in the face
Choose D for a fast attack and S for a double punch
If there's an enemy standing next to you you can press V to bring him down.

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