Zombie Pop Zombie Pop In Zombie Pop you have to help the sheriff kill as many zombies as you can. In each level, the sheriff will appear to tell you which zombies you mu... 5.4 Ben 10 Omniverse Code Red Ben 10 Omniverse Code Red Somethings wrong with the Omnitrix, and Ben Tennyson and his allies have undergone a strange transformation. Meanwhile, the enemy aliens have gott... 5 Ragdoll Ball Ragdoll Ball Try to touch the football to turn it your colour, and then dont let your opponent touch it. Can you keep the ball your colour for as long as possi... 5.3 Ninja Defence Ninja Defence Samurais are on their way to fight! In this amazing action game, your mission is to defend the lands of ninjas from enemy samurais. You can stop th... 5.5 Hobo Total War Hobo Total War Our crazy hero Hobo escaped from prison, as expected. All army forces behind Hobo and everyone wants to catch him alive or dead! He has to escape! ... 6 Stick: Gangster Duel Stick: Gangster Duel In this amazing Stick: Gangster Duel game, very challenging moments are waiting for you! Enemy stick figures are falling down from air and you have... 5.6 Sniper Police Training Sniper Police Training All special police forces have to go through a sniper training. This is a special course with 5 different game styles. You must pass each course su... 4.7 Revenge of Robots Revenge of Robots Robots are out to destroy your city! But you will not allow that. Shoot them down while defending your city. Dodge their attacks and prove youre a... 4.8 Vex 3 Vex 3 Vex is a challenging (and bloody) platform game. You must be quick and skillful to reach the next level. You control a small man in a world full of... 5.1 Bazooki Pocalypse Bazooki Pocalypse Select your favorite weapon and kill hordes of dangerous zombies! Shoot every zombie and beat all the levels. Good luck! 5.1 Emit Emit You have landed on an alien planet where you will take out hostile soldiers. Earn XP (experience points) points, level up and upgrade your abilitie... 5.1 Iron Man Stark Tower Iron Man Stark Tower New York is under attack by Lokis army. They want to destroy Starks tower and the rest of the city. Tony Stark has to put on his new Iron Man suit... 5.6 Famaze Famaze The Mad King has turned all creatures into monsters and rutabagas. He wants to use the rutabagas for his pudding recipe. Now you must delve into hi... 1 Angry Teddy Bear Picnic Massacre Angry Teddy Bear Picnic Massacre This angry teddy bear is shooting on a picnic party. Of course the other bears do not agree and hit back with the baskets of food. Now you must def... 4.8 Asslevania SOTB Asslevania SOTB Asslevania is similar to Castlevania, Just like the title. Dracula is back, and its just a metter of time before the whole town turns emo and goth... 1

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Xiao Xiao 3

Xiao Xiao 3

8.9 262


You're on your way to a house. Many enemy fighters are waiting for you there and they'll fight to the death. Climb onto the house and fight the next batch of warrors.


Use the arrow keys to move.
Press X to kick around
Press C to kick an enemy in the face
Choose D for a fast attack and S for a double punch
If there's an enemy standing next to you you can press V to bring him down.

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