Ragdoll Ball Ragdoll Ball Try to touch the football to turn it your colour, and then dont let your opponent touch it. Can you keep the ball your colour for as long as possi... 4.2 Rope'n'Fly Rope'n'Fly Youre in a city full of tall buildings and youre falling from the sky. Throw a rope at the nearest building and sling through the air like Spider... 4.2 Tu-95 Tu-95 Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot and flying a plane? This super game is on your screens now for make your dreams come true! Your mission i... 4.4 Strike Force Commando Strike Force Commando Get ready to be a part of an elite strike unit of your country and fight against enemies! Your mission in this exciting game is to kill the request... 4.2 Stick Squad Stick Squad Are you ready to show us all your shooting skills with Stick Squad game? Youre an a secret mission. In this amazing shooting game you need to shoo... 4.1 Vikingland Vikingland Troops of evil monsters are invading your Vikingland territory! Help the vikings to defend his viking land village by building defense towers and n... 4.1 Quantum Zombies Quantum Zombies Hope is lost when a zombie outbreak devestated the worlds population. A quirky yet brilliant professor developed a timemachine with the hope of cha... 4.2 Beast Battle Beast Battle In Beast Battle you can become a warrior or magician. Clear enemy territory while collecting crystals to boost your defense or attack power. There ... 4.1 Battle for Darkness Battle for Darkness Command your evil army in a epic battle to defeat the mighty Titan! A new age of darkness is coming. Learn your troops unique skills and use them s... 4.5 Bloodbath Avenue 2 Bloodbath Avenue 2 Defend yourself against zombies that infest the streets of your city. Shoot them down, throw barrels and use all your skills to get rid of them. 4.3 20 Seconds to Die 20 Seconds to Die This is not a real game, but an animation that shows eight different and creative ways to kill your opponent. Can you choose from the most deadly t... 4.4 Rooftop Challenge Rooftop Challenge Always dreamed of running and jumping on rooftops? Thats very dangerous of course! But Stickman is not affraid. How far can you get? 4.1 Summon The Hero Summon The Hero In this Tower Defense game you fight inside a fantasy world. Place valiant mages, archers and warriors in strategic positions. Defend your Kingdom ... 4.2 Frantic Sky Frantic Sky Control a small spacecraft in a fight against enemy forces that try to take over the airspace. He shoots automatically, you just need to avoid enem... 4.2 Heavy Danger Heavy Danger Rescue a team of commandos from a dangerous war. Heavy Danger is a topdown shooter and the game is about the survival of 4 soldiers. You can upgrad... 4.2

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Xiao Xiao 3

Xiao Xiao 3

4.3 267


You're on your way to a house. Many enemy fighters are waiting for you there and they'll fight to the death. Climb onto the house and fight the next batch of warrors.


Use the arrow keys to move.
Press X to kick around
Press C to kick an enemy in the face
Choose D for a fast attack and S for a double punch
If there's an enemy standing next to you you can press V to bring him down.

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