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Sniper Games

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Take on the role of a deadly assassin in our collection of online sniper games. Lie in wait outside of your enemy’s target range and use your rifle’s long-range scope to observe the scene. Can you scout out your mark and take them down with a single shot? You’ll need to play close attention to details such as the layout of the scene, the distinguishing features of your target, and the weather or other factors that might affect your bullet’s trajectory. Make sure you don’t bungle your top secret sniper missions or there’ll be trouble! If you’re looking for different types of shooter games to try out, check out the full overview of available titles on our shooting games overview page.

Sniper game tactics

A sniper is a military or paramilitary marksman equipped with a specialized high-precision long-range weapon. Using their observation and sharpshooting skills, snipers can pick off targets from extreme distances, as well as gather surveillance data. In these games, you are either working as a freelance assassin or a military sniper, and will receive special assignments and missions from your employers. Read the briefing carefully, because it will contain important information about the appearance of your targets and where to look for them. Make sure to observe the scene carefully. Your target may be moving in a crowd, hiding in a building, or surrounded by bodyguards. Try to complete each job swiftly and quietly!

Sniper games with multiple targets

In some games, you will have to take out multiple targets. If they become aware they they’re under attack, they will likely take cover and start firing back. Scope out the scene carefully and pick off your targets in a strategic order, making sure to prevent them from calling the alarm and detecting your whereabouts.

Sniper games and other popular shooters

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