What's this? In Halloween Princess Makeover, poor princess Anna has woken up on the morning of October 31st with a face full of unsightly pimples. There's even a huge boil on her forehead! To make matters worse, her skin is so painful and itchy that she's scratched herself badly across the nose. The poor girl was looking forward to Halloween so much... but this won't do at all! Even her Halloween costume can't cover up this absolute horror. Anna urgently needs your help! Can you tweeze out the stray hairs, lance that nasty boil, pop her pimples, and soothe her skin with a calming face mask? Once you have restored Anna's face back to health you can get started on her Halloween face paint! Choose a fun costume for this princess from the Frozen movie, and apply the right face paint to complete her Halloween look! Anna's Halloween has been saved after all, thanks to your beauty know-how!

Use the mouse to play