In the game Elsa in New York, Elsa was moping in her Ice Palace in Arendelle and Anna felt sorry for her. After all their adventures in the Frozen movie, life in Arendelle has seems frightfully quiet by comparison, and Elsa became very bored with so little to do. That's why Anna is sending her sister on a holiday to NYC, a busy, bustling capital where there's always plenty to do. Elsa has arrived in New York wearing her princess gown, which makes her stand out quite a bit. Help her shop for a fashionable outfit so that she can blend in with the people of New York. You can shop for all kinds of dresses, jackets, skirts, shirts, and amazing luxury accessories. Elsa has never had a frappuccino, because there's no Starbucks in Arendelle. Here, she can finally try one. You can mix it yourself! Once Elsa is tired of marching up and down the busy high street, you can go to the beauty spa. But what's this? The Frozen princess is about to run into an old acquaintance...!

Use your mouse to play