screenshot walkthroughHit The Glow Walkthrough


In the reaction game Hit The Glow, you have to pay close attention to the spinning bars and hit only the right ones with your bullets. If you hit a red bar it will pop, but if you hit a glowing item of any other color then you'll lose the game! Try to clear a way to the target in the middle of the circles of spinning bars. In Classic Mode, your objective is to hit this central dot. In Eliminate Mode, you have to clear away only the red items. Don't be fooled! Even the central target might be a decoy in this game mode, since not all the dots in the middle of the circle of bars are red! Expand Mode pushes out new layers of bars for each shot, while in Origin Mode the point of origin for your bullets moves around the targets as well. Can you complete the full set of levels for each of the four game modes? Good luck!

Use your mouse to play