screenshot walkthroughInstagirls Christmas Dress Up Walkthrough


In Instagirls Christmas Dress Up, the Instagirls need your help once more. The Christmas season is just around the corner and the girls need to choose a cute outfit. Head to the store to buy the items you like best and piece together a cute look. Now you can host a little fashion show for your Instagirl's online followers. Take lots of pictures to post to your blog and see whether your audience gives your ensemble the thumbs up. The more likes you receive, the more money you earn. Mix and match the different items of clothing to create new, stylish outfits and try to figure out which clothes your followers like best. They'll be looking at every detail, including your shoes, shades, scarf, handbag, and other accessories. Shop wisely, or you'll find yourself strapped for cash. And remember, it's not always the most expensive designer label items that will really get your fans hitting that like button...!

Use your mouse to play