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Earn To Die 2012

Earn To Die 2012

PEGI-3 PEGI 3   
4.8 5.949


It's the end of the world in 2012 and Zombie outbreak has happened. Buy upgrades in this insane online game and make those zombies explode by running them over with your big ass car (or schoolbus). Kill them all! And be rewarded with coins to buy better upgrades.


Play this game with your keyboard.

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dzintarsne +0 klooooooooooooooool
fredwju +0 jv ijhfjkjfdv
fredwju +0 why not losding
mustangdave +1 i completed and kicked some zombie butt
mirian007 +1 i complete 15 times
eimerline +0 eze spe is wel leuk n cool
d_griffith +1 it is cool but idk
fatfat231 +0 231
dondon +1 g,kgjk
LANES217 +0 yea it's the best game i've ever played
kiyahswagg +0 this is cool
thesniper +1 yea i done beat the first and the second one it is a great game i highly Redmond it